Thanksgiving coloring contest winner

UPDATE: We have received over 200 entries for the coloring contest.

The winner, Samantha Hartlaub, was chosen by a random drawing from all the entries on Friday, Dec. 19.

Samantha Hartlaub, North York

Thank you to everyone who participated.

All entries will be put into a random drawing for a bag of books from York County Libraries and a $25 Target gift card.

The coloring page published Sunday, Nov. 23 in the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

Check out all the entries for this year’s Thanksgiving coloring page contest.

On mobile? Click here to view photo gallery

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60 Bulldogs: The Red Flap Hat Club

I bought my English bulldog Diesel a red trapper hat from Target and posted a pic of him in it on Instagram.


I then learned some other bullies also had the same hat.

I started to build a collage of a handful of bullies from Instagram.

I then created the hashtag #RedFlapHatClub and asked others to post their pics and tag it using the hashtag.

Here’s the first collage of bullies wearing the hats.

Don’t they look adora-bull?

This post was made one week ago via my Instagram account.

First collage of bulldogs from Instagram wearing the red flap hat from Target.

First collage of bulldogs from Instagram wearing the red flap hat from Target.

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Countdown to Christmas print out


Christmas Day can not come soon enough for the kids.

To help them keep track of the days until the holiday they can color in presents with the York Daily Record’s Holiday Countdown activity.


Click to download Holiday Countdown

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Bulldog painting on a longboard skateboard

About a week ago one of my Instagram followers sent me a direct message asking if I would be interested in painting a picture of her bulldog on a skateboard.

I eagerly said yes. There were some challenges I would have to face, the biggest one, being able to finish the painting in under a week, because it was going to be a birthday present for her husband.

The client ordered the longboard skateboard online and had it delivered to my address.

The board arrived on a Thursday. I did a quick pencil sketch of how I wanted the painting to be positioned on the board.

Pencil sketch

Pencil sketch

The board didn’t have any type of gloss finish so I didn’t have to do any major sanding.I roughed up the wood only slightly to help the paint grip to the wood better.

I painted using Golden acrylic paints. These are my favorite brand of acrylic paints because of their high quality pigments and choice of colors.
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Monty the Penguin Christmas Ad

Yesterday, I was scrolling my Twitter feed and I came across a tweet by @Gawker.

The tweet read:

“This Christmas commercial about a boy and his penguin is making everyone cry.”

I love penguins and always wanted one. I had several stuffed animal penguins when I was a kid. I used to draw pictures of penguins too. Now, that I’m older my obsession has moved on to bulldogs. But, penguins will always have a special place in my heart.

About the video
It’s a commercial advertisement for John Lewis which is a British department store chain.

Monty and Mabel are the CGI created penguins. But even though they technically aren’t real that hasn’t stopped me from being leaky eyes every time I watch the video.
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Home fire safety info graphic

I currently am working on an information graphic about fire safety in the home.

My editor Brad Jennings provided one of his awesome sketches to help get me started on designing the graphic.

Sketch by Brad Jennings

Sketch by Brad Jennings

He also provided text to go with the fire safety graphic.

I drew my art elements in Adobe Illustrator. And then designed the layout in Adobe Indesign.

Graphic by Samantha Dellinger

Graphic by Samantha Dellinger

At this point in the design process I have given a copy to Brad and he will then look over and make edits.

One of the big items we are still thinking about is the main headline. When we both looked at the graphic we kept reading “Homefries” not Home Fires.

The final graphic is scheduled to publish Sunday, Nov. 2.

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Sugar Skull and Bulldog template downloads

Celebrate Day of the Dead with a colorful Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull by Samantha Dellinger

Sugar Skull by Samantha Dellinger


Sugar Skull bulldog by Samantha Dellinger









 Click on links below for the Sugar Skull templates. They will print out on standard letter-sized paper.

Click to download Skull Template

Click to download Bulldog Template

The mexican holiday Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos is a three-day holiday that starts at midnight on Oct. 31, and ends Nov. 2 it’s a celebratory event for lost loved-ones.

The holiday is celebrated mostly in Mexico, but has grown in popularity around the world.

One of the iconic visuals of the holiday is Sugar Skull art. They are sometimes referred to as Candy Skulls because the skulls were originally made out of candy and sugar and given as gifts.

Sugar Skulls are very colorful. They usually are decorated with flowers and swirls in an asymmetrical pattern.

For more information on the holiday click here.

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English bulldog on vintage posters

I have two strong passions: art and bulldogs.

Combine the two and I’m in bully artist heaven.

Recently, I was researching art for another project in the Library of Congress web site.

Because I’m a nut, I decided to type in bulldog and I came across some really cool photos of English bulldogs.

I also came across some posters that had bulldogs on them.

Poster showing a bulldog wearing a Marine helmet, chasing a dachshund wearing a German helmet. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Poster showing a bulldog wearing a Marine helmet, chasing a dachshund wearing a German helmet. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

If my bulldog’s eyes started glowing red, I’d probably run too.

Poster showing a bulldog, and faces of men wearing a variety of military hats. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

Poster showing a bulldog, and faces of men wearing a variety of military hats. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

The above print is available online to buy on Amazon.

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Acrylic painting of an English bulldog

I love my English bulldog, Diesel.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I’m obsessed with him. And they would be right.

Not only do I love to love Diesel I also have a fondness toward all things bulldogs.

I recently completed a 4-by-4 foot acrylic painting of my English bulldog.

It took me some time to figure out what medium I was going to use for my painting. I was deciding between acrylics and oils.

I like the idea of oils slow drying time so I could take my time with blending, but sometimes oils can take months and even years to completely dry. Also, the cleanup is more complicated.

I chose acrylics because I found I could use a drying retardent so the paint would stay wet longer. I also learned of a brand called Golden Open Acrylics that stay wet longer. And they really did stay wet longer, some parts of my painting were still wet from the day before. This helped me blend colors in my painting.

Below is step-by-step of my painting.

Painting a thin layer of colors.

Painting a thin layer of colors.

I did a very light pencil sketch on the canvas. The canvas I bought was pre gessoed, so I didn’t have to prime it. Priming is a must. If you don’t you will waste a lot of paint because it will be absorbed by the canvas. The canvas was originally $90, but I had a 50% off coupon that cut the price in half. The hardest part was transporting the canvas. It barely squeezed into the back of my SUV.

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Toilet paper roll wall art

I love looking at Pinterest for creative ideas.

My latest craft for the York Daily Record/Sunday News was inspired by a craft I saw on Pinterest repurposing empty rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.

Mirror art created by Samantha Dellinger. Photo by  Jason Plotkin — Daily Record/Sunday News

Mirror art created by Samantha Dellinger. Photo by Jason Plotkin — Daily Record/Sunday News

Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Craft glue
Hot glue gun
Spray paint
Round mirror
Round wood panel about an inch
bigger than the mirror
Clothes pins or paper clips
3M Command picture hanging strips.

This craft involves spray paint. Set up your work area outside or in a well-ventilated area. Spread out newspapers to protect the area from the spray paint.

Flatten tube cut into strips.

Flatten tube cut into strips.

Step 1: Flatten empty toilet paper tubes by pressing down on them with your hand.
Turning toilet paper rolls into wall art.
Step 2: Cut the flattened tube into 3/4-inch strips. The strips will resemble a leaf shape when opened up. I had cut about 15 to 20 tubes so I would have plenty of shapes to work with.
Step 3: Attach two 3M Command picture hanging strips to backside of round wooden panel. Leave protective paper on the strip side that will go against wall until you’re ready to hang the finished piece.
Step 4: Place mirror in center of wood panel, but do not attach it.
Step 5: Place the tube strips around the mirror to begin creating your design. I chose a snowflake shape. Any shape will work, s have fun and be creative.
Glue strips and use clothespins to hold together while glue dries

Glue strips and use clothespins to hold together while glue dries

Step 6: Add a dot of glue to one end of the strip, and press it against another end of a strip. Use clothespins or paperclips to hold together the strips while the glue dries. Attach four strips together to form a circular shape. Repeat as many times as you need to for your design.
Step 7: Finish assembling the entire design around the mirror.
Step 8: Remove the mirror.
Step 9: In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the entire shape. Let dry.
Step 10: Apply a second coat of paint if needed. Let dry.
Step 11: Attach mirror to round panel with 3M Command picture hanging strips.
Step 12: Use hot glue gun to attach the final toilet paper roll design to your mirror.
Step 13: Hang your finished wall art.

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