Coloring page for kids is a winter scene filled with outdoor critters

Coloring page with the rabbit shaded in using colored pencils.

I have to admit my job is pretty much fun all the time.

I always loved to color and draw ever since I was little.

I went to college to learn more about coloring and drawing.

Now, at age 35 I’m living out my dream every day at the York Daily Record/Sunday News and I’m getting paid for it.

I’ve been here for almost 12 years come this January.

Yesterday was just another coloring and drawing day for me too.

This is a coloring page I was creating for next Thurday’s paper.

Since, the section it will be running in is a black and white page, I decided on drawing a coloring page.

Illustration by Samantha Dellinger.

Check out my interactive coloring page of a nutcracker at smartmagpa.

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