Lessons in working harder, past and present

Right now, I’m sitting in my cubicle working on two stories.
One is about the local cherry crop coming in early because of warm March weather. Sweet cherries come in first, in case you didn’t know. And sour cherries come a bit later.
Hearing the term “sour cherries” made me think of my childhood, when my elderly neighbor and superb pie baker had a sour cherry tree in the backyard. It was my job during my elementary school years to pick those cherries, which usually were enough for three pies.
But it didn’t take me long to realize that if I climbed even higher into the tree, I could pick enough cherries for four pies … and guess who got an extra pie to eat out of the deal!
Back in the present, the other story I’m working on is about a successful local company that gives workers an extra week’s pay if the company has a good quarter. And I realized there might just be a connection between these two articles.
So what do you think? The American recovery under way is undoubtedly on the backs of the American worker doing more. What kind of incentives could get you to work event harder for your company? And do you think your company does enough to encourage working harder?

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