Mail call: Mobile journalism, transparency

I received an email Monday from a reader who complimented our efforts on mobile journalism and peek behind the curtain on how we cover some of the news locally.

Barry Ness is the writer and said I could mention the contents of the email, so here goes. The first part shares his thoughts on Lauren Boyer’s mobile reporting efforts:

“Lauren Boyer, a new addition to your staff, is being allowed to do things a
little differently …. Please continue this ‘new idea’ as I
think she needs this type of connection to the public. … She could become a great asset to the paper and the community. She’s fun to watch as she uses
(manipulates) the iPad or whatever that thing is she’s swiping with her
finger, plus her behind-the-scenes involvement to track the Mall story.”

In the latter part of the note, Barry is talking about how we chased down the West Manchester Mall story that was posted in our YDR Insider blog. Here’s some more detail:

“Sean Adkins & Cathy Hirko … this background story of the actions taken by
all those trying to get the facts about the Mall. Not often this type of
story is told by the newspaper … I think this should be included more
often. Kinda takes some of the “nay-sayers” away … don’t you think?”

As a side note, we’ve had a lot of activity with the YDR Insider blog and it’s only been active for about a week now. It really gives some good insight into the workings of a newsroom and how we make our decisions.

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