Just say NO to (panty) hose, or pay the price

RIP Lauren's panty hose

This winter, I might try to boycott panty hose.

You see, I only wear dresses, for the most part

And I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I go through a pair a week. I rip them. Run them. Spill on them. ANNIHILATE THEM.

And those suckers aren’t cheap —  especially the control top variety.

I’ve tried the hairspray trick to stop the runs. I’ve tried clear nail polish. I usually just end up with a sticky leg and wounded spirits.

So, in the interest of cost, I’m saying no to hose.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, in the interest of grammar, what is the plural of panty hose? Panty hoe? Panty hoses?

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6 Responses to Just say NO to (panty) hose, or pay the price

  1. Leigh Zaleski says:

    Wear tights! They are warmer and more durable. I love the Express brand. I have a pair that’s more than five years old. I walked through the snow barefoot while wearing them once, and they’re still intact.

  2. April Trotter says:

    I second Leigh’s suggestion! Some of my tights have been through three or four winters, and I usually pick them up at end-of-the-season sales at Target to save some cash. Though I’m not going to lie, the pair I’m wearing today has a hole in the foot that I bubble gummed together with clear nail polish — might be time to retire them.

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  4. Peggy Ann Roche says:

    Tights are a good idea for the cold weather months. One pair a week is not bad for wear. I hate to see women wearing a dress with no stockings. I’ll stick to my pantyhose!

  5. Samantha says:

    I prefer color tights in bold colors or patterns. Make sure you handwash your pantyhose or tights and NEVER put them in the dryer! You can use clear nail polish to fix a small hole or hair spray.

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