To buy real or to buy fake, that is the question

It’s an argument that occurs each year as people get ready to fill their homes with holly and mistletoe: Which is better, a real or a fake Christmas tree?

The debate can get heated, with both sides arguing for their preferred method of decking the halls.

Many argue that fake trees are better for the environment. But a New York Times article found that unless you use the fake tree for at least 20 years, real trees are better for Mother Earth.

But real trees will be available and fresh throughout a lengthening holiday season – as opposed to real trees, which typically don’t pop up until after Thanksgiving and can lose their luster as the season wears on.

Personally, I am team fake tree. I enjoy just being able to unpack my tree at will and then shoved the tree back into storage when I’m done, no trash truck or ropes required.

So what are your thoughts?

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