Lauren Boyer discovers the high price of a pretty face

I hate to admit it. I have, on occasion, purchased make-up at the dollar store.

This is a Stila tinted moisturizer that is oh-so-expensive at Sephora. I really want one. Sigh. Maybe for Christmas. (Hint Hint MOM)

That’s why I was in awe of all the options when I went to Sephora on Saturday with my friend Emileigh Clare, who is super into girly things (click here to check out her Smart make-up blog).

We went through the store and she put all these fancy shmancy products on me — bareMinerals blush, a Stila tinted moisturizer.

As soon as I saw my face in the mirror, I couldn’t believe it. I looked spiffy.

My dad even commented that he “liked my face” when I saw him that evening for dinner. Not sure what he meant by that.

Alas, there was only one problem. The moisturizer was $34 and the Bare Minerals Start-up kit was $60.


I left the store empty-handed. Couldn’t do it.

I’m all for beauty, but that seemed, to me, to be one hefty price tag for a pretty face.

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