Working in York County for decades at a time

From left, Joe Lehr, Mel Breeswine, John Mosser, Charles Dowell, Don Herman, Dick Fornoff and Tom Lickty, all York Water Co. retirees, meet Monday morning in the lobby of Round the Clock Diner. The group gets together for breakfast the second Monday of each month.

This morning I met with several York County men who retired after working at their respective companies for 30 years or more.

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Have you or anyone you know worked at the same company for multiple decades? Leave a response below, or visit the York Daily Record Facebook page to comment and see what other readers had to say.

Here are some reader responses to my question:

Ck Stafford: Worked at dallastown School District for 35 years.

Dean Harris: Yes my father worked for A & P Food Stores for 28 years and then for a local hardware store for 25. Very proud of that. PLus in all those years he only missed 1 day of work.

Stephen Snell: I’ve hit 27 years and hope/plan to make it to 30.

Judy Umphred: My husband worked for the former Borg Warner then to become York International then to become Johnson Controls.. He started in 1967 an retired in Nov of 2006 … He never missed a day of work an worked alot of 7 day a week … Now he’s retired an taking advantage of it that is for sure … lol

Cheryl Springer: Jerry O’Dell, Larry Snyder, Bobbie Dozier, Willie Peterson==more than 30 yrs. at Rabbittransit Bus co.! More with just a few yrs. behind them!

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6 Responses to Working in York County for decades at a time

  1. Deborah Eck says:

    Yes, my mother worked for the York County Government for 32 years and just retired in 2008. She started in Voter Registration Department in 1972, then went to the Commissioners Office and then to The Register of Wills Department where she retired from. She put many good years of service in and enjoyed her work very much.

    • Brittany Wilson says:

      Thanks for your reply, Deborah. It’s nice to hear about all your mother’s hard work for York County. Congratulations to her on her well-deserved retirement.

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  3. Donald Yingling says:

    I worked at York International, now Johnson Controls, for 34 1/2 years and retired in July 2009. Then as a consultant to them for another 2 3/4 years. Finally “retired” March 29. Never had a production job there. Spent all those years in maintenance. Served my electrical apprenticeship there. I figure that I earned this time off. Enjoying life now with my wife and family. How did I ever have the time to get all this stuff done before?

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