You know gas prices were high when…..

I nearly swerved in my car coming back to York this weekend when I saw a gas station practically giving away gasoline.

OK, OK, they were charging $3.69 per gallon for regular, but compared to a few weeks ago, when we were poised to soar over $4 a gallon, $3.69 is a bargain.

The average price for a gallon in York County is now $3.707, according to Hallelujah!

According to gasoline has dropped for several reasons: recent lukewarm jobs reports have created worries that supply could go down, while supply has steadily risen in the past several weeks.

Here’s hoping prices continue to fall headed into summer!

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Business reporter focusing on retail for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. In my spare time, I'm a social media, sports, reality TV and celebrity gossip junkie. Contact me at or 717-771-2029!
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3 Responses to You know gas prices were high when…..

  1. Jo Ott says:

    Too bad you didn’t catch the $3.59 at Sheetz & Turkey Hill in Stonybrook.

  2. Sarah Chain says:

    I paid $3.38 in Harrisonburg, Va., this weekend… but then saw reports from my hometown in CT that stations there were finally just coming under $4/gal. Seems like we’re in the middle.

  3. Johne114 says:

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