Watch video. Looking for a deal on a house in York County? Don’t wait


One of my biggest pet peeves is to have a salesman tell me that if I don’t buy something at that moment, I’ll either lose the deal or the product.

It’s hard for me to believe that, over and over again, I have the incredible luck of catching a sale just before it ends. Somebody is being dishonest and it’s not me.

However, when it comes to housing, you might not want to dismiss the “hurry-up and buy” advice offered by your real estate agent.

Right now, York County has about nine months of housing stock. As the economy improves, that inventory will fall to about six months. At that point, prices will begin to climb along with demand, said John LeCates, president of the York County Realtors Association.

I’m not saying to buy now. If you can’t afford a house, don’t buy a house. But, you shouldn’t expect the deals that are out there now to be out there forever.

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