Interested in York County health inspections? Watch this video

Health inspection results are all about context.

At least, that’s George Leight’s take on the annual state-run check-ups.

The owner of Fuddruckers in Springettsbury Township maintains that a restaurant can be spotless and still fail to be in compliance with Pennsylvania’s food code.


A normally clean restaurant could have an equipment issue on the day that the inspector stops by for a visit, Leight said.

For example, Leight schedules repairs right away if a cooler or refrigerator stops working. However, hours could pass before a repairman walks through the door – a critical time when an inspector could pay a surprise visit.

Would you eat at a restaurant that failed its health inspection?

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One Response to Interested in York County health inspections? Watch this video

  1. Jo Ott says:

    Unfortunately, not all restaurant owners are as conscientious as George Leight which is why we need to continue to have regular health inspections of all eating establishments and food preparation companies. That he stated his last two employees are certified food handlers speaks well of his operation.

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