Yard sales can yield big collectibles

Yard sale aficianado Aaron LaPedis is sharing his top five finds and tips for snagging a great collectible in a new article on TheStreet.

These purchases aren’t like my top 5 (which would probably include my $5 octagonal end tables and $2 lamps) – they’re serious collectibles which could yield big profits, if he would be willing to part with them.

For example, LaPedis a Yellow Submarine lunchbox with an intact thermos. Finding a thermos to go with the lunchbox set is key, LaPedis said, because all too often, the set gets separated, lowering its value.

LaPedis said he paid $30 for the lunchbox, which is s neat piece and brings back some great memories.

On Ebay, the set is selling for anywhere between $600 and $1,200, he said.

Makes me want to run out to the nearest yard sale and start digging.

Read about more of LaPedis’ finds on TheStreet.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found at a yard sale? Did you resell it or add it to your collection?

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  1. It’s amazing how many things you can find at yard sales! I love yard saling for that very reason. Sometimes I have a hard time finding good yard sales to go to. I used to just drive around and see what signs I could find, but then a couple years ago, I started using the site YardSaleSearch.com. It even google maps all of the local yard sales so you can make a route. It’s made my yard saling so much more efficient and I’ve found a lot of great stuff that way.

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