The famous “HoodiePillow” is manufactured in York County

Made in York, ladies and gentlemen!

The most amazing news came across my desk today.

The HoodiePillow pillowcase is made in York.

It’s a manufacturing reporter’s dream.

Dallco Industries in York is behind the amazing concoction that mixes fluff with sweatshirt-dom.

The local company manufactures sewn products and has been in business since 1923

HoodiePillow Industries, the product’s founder, created the product after coming home from the hospital with triplets and needing a darker, quieter sleeping environment.

They reached out to Dallco a few weeks ago about producing the kitschy invention.

I’ll be visiting the factory next week to get the scoop on this awesome product.

What would you like to know about HoodiePillow?


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3 Responses to The famous “HoodiePillow” is manufactured in York County

  1. Jody says:

    I would love one of these. So many good things including when I have a migraine I can pull the hood down to relieve the “brightness” and when out camping in colder weather it provides a built-in night cap to help keep you warm.

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  3. Rick Brown says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Rebecca Rescate,-I watched her a couple of nights ago on Shark Tank.. She is the (person) that will help me with the the next step in moving my inventions to the next level. ( The Mini Shark ) If you can forward this to her— many thanks, would love to speak with her.770-330-2143 Rick Brown.

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