York County photographer turns babies into YDR journalists

Nolan Leedy, 1-week-old, of York. Photo courtesy of Kylie Jacobs.

You’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

You have high hopes for him.

You want him to be successful. You want him to be smart. You want him to make a mark on the world.

So you think to yourself, “Gee, I hope he grows up to be a newspaper journalist!”

Well, you’re in luck. A local photographer can turn babies into reporters.

Photographer Kylie Jacobs of Mudpies N Butterflies in Spring Garden Township sent me these photos of YDR “journalist babies” she took.

A nurse by career, Jacobs’ photography business supports her medical mission trips.

“My assistant makes crocheted items and she came up with it,” Jacobs said. “I had some old papers in a box from when I moved and grabbed those to put on the set and had an antique camera. We make kids into chefs, movie stars, firemen … I figured why not a news reporter!”

For more of Kylie’s art, click here.

Jayden Warner, 1, of York. Photo courtesy of Kylie Jacobs.

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