Memorial Hospital or York Hospital? Some people play favorites. Others just want medical care.

At times, I’ll hear over the newsroom’s police scanner how ambulances are redirected because a patient chooses one hospital over another.

In other words, even if it takes longer to get medical care, people are willing to the back of a van.

Well, if you live near the York/West Manchester Township line, the wait time to be treated for minor illnesses by either WellSpan or Memorial Hospital should soon prove similar.

Later this year, WellSpan will open a family medicine practice at the former Banana Max in York. The practice, which will employ two doctors, will be within one mile of Memorial Hospital’s planned medical campus.

Barry Sparks, a WellSpan spokesman, said Memorial’s plans to build a hospital at the former course did not factor into WellSpan’s decision to open its family practice so close by on Roosevelt Avenue.

Josette Myers, a spokeswoman for Memorial, said WellSpan’s plans for it medical office does not affect Memorial’s yet-to-be built replacement hospital.

So, since each medical group is going about its business regardless of each other’s construction plans, where does that leave you?

I have no idea. That’s why I’m asking. Really, how do you decide who will provide your medical care?

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One Response to Memorial Hospital or York Hospital? Some people play favorites. Others just want medical care.

  1. Terry Drawbaugh says:

    Forgive me, I’m confused! What’s the point to this news article?

    Memorial is building a new hospital and WellSpan is building a new doctor’s office, completely two different treatment facilities. It’s not like WellSpan is building an Urgent Care Facility which handles minor emergencies within one-mile of Memorial’s new hospital, again it’s a doctor’s office!

    Myself, I’m going to York Hospital over Memorial for treatment, period!

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