Backyard chickens gaining popularity

By Stephanie Reighart

Coming along on the tail feathers of the local food movement, backyard chicken flocks are gaining popularity across the country.

The Worldwatch Institute, a independent research group that focuses on global environmental issues, reported that cities across the U.S. have allowed residents to raise a limited number of chickens on their residential properties in the last few years.

Madison, Wisconsin reversed its poultry ban in 2004.

Some large metropolises like San Fransico, Los Angeles and Chicago have always allowed urban chickens.

According to Article 705 of York City code, poultry are not allowed to be raised within the city.

Other municipalities in the county allow chickens.

Do you raise chickens or other animals for food for your family or to sell locally?
If so, what got you started?

Please share your thoughts with reporter Stephanie Reighart, 717-771-2029;

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2 Responses to Backyard chickens gaining popularity

  1. Lloyd Furches says:

    I live in New Freedom PA and using the posted ordinance started on my 3 chicken in the garden project ( checked with my neighbors, fenced my garden, and built a moveable chicken tractor all for about $500+). My purpose was to control insects without chemicals, furnace better nutrition for my vegies and the bonus would be eggs. After the time and expense, I found that the ordinance was not correct and the unpublished one was 2 acres (I have 3/4) per 1 -10 chickens. I have talked with others and we were planning to get the laws changed then this morning found out through your article, that someone was cited doing what I had planned and there is a meeting Monday eve. We will attend and see what can be done to help this situation. Thanks for your article and if you feel like helping , please consider articles on the benefits of back yard chickens and responsible laws that allow home owners to improve their lives and help our small portion of earth naturally.
    Thanks, Lloyd

  2. Lloyd Furches says:

    Is there a way I can get in touch with Erin Carroll before the meeting Monday night? Could you ask her to e-mail me please?

    Lloyd Furches

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