What’s to love about the bar at the Yorktowne Hotel?

So, the Yorktowne can’t sell alcohol.

Some of my friends have asked the question: “So what?”


People in their 20s, I think, tend to gloss over the OffCenter Grill when contemplating where to go out on the weekends.
It’s not rowdy. It’s not particularly crowded. And you aren’t going to run into everyone in York there.
I, for one, really enjoy it.
It’s a place to find some peace and quiet and have a private conversation over a nice glass of wine.
Sometimes I need that.
And that’s exactly what I was seeking Saturday afternoon when I came across this story. I saw a closed bar at the Yorktowne. Something seemed off.
My mom always said drinking doesn’t accomplish anything.
I’m pretty sure she was wrong.
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One Response to What’s to love about the bar at the Yorktowne Hotel?

  1. Terrence Downs says:

    Years back, when it was labeled “Autographs”, they did a great business in evenings as live music was performed there – a perfect place for a late supper, drinks and socializing. Also the feted ‘Happy Hour’ was well visited for they had different offerings those evenings (remember this is early 1990’s) such as Taco Nite, $1 Roast Beef sandwiches cut as you like it, and other specials. What draws are there now at The Yorktowne? Perhaps they need to review their former agenda, dust it off a bit and remake this. I was enjoying the ‘Welcome Back Wednesdays’ held as recent as earlier in 2013. C’mon Hotel Yorktowne – make it a place to BE.

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