Have you worked as a Harley casual? Tell us about it.

harleylogoAre you looking for work?

I hear Harley is hiring.

If you’re out of work, this sounds like the perfect opportunity.

I mean, $16.75 to $23.30 per hour?

That’s no chump change.

The higher range of that is about $48,000 a year.

But here’s the thing: You might not be there a year.

These are temporary jobs, and they end — typically — after Harley’s seasonal ramp up in production.

They end, really, whenever Harley says they end.

So, what’s that like? Working a job that has a definite expiration date?

Have you worked as a casual at Harley? Have you recently applied for a job there? Do you know someone who has?

We want to hear about it.

Email lboyer@ydr.com or call 717-654-0675.

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