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Local farm featured on national website

Spoutwood Farm Center located in Codorus Township was recently featured on the website of the organization Certified Naturally Grown. The certification is available to farms that do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs. Similar to USDA certified … Continue reading

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Could a minumum wage hike lead to higher prices and unemployment across York County?

York County natives appreciate a bargain, especially when it comes to food. More than a few times in my career at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, I’ve found myself speaking to residents lined up for a promotional free meal dished … Continue reading

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CNN video talks gas drilling in PA

On the heels of my article yesterday about Rep. Saylor’s proposal to increase usage of natural gas vehicles, has posted an interesting video, showing how Pennsylvania homeowners with gas wells on their properties were not informed by the PA … Continue reading

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Job news coming out of Voith Hydro

We had the governor visit York County — specifically, Voith — on Tuesday touting energy jobs and hydropower. Voith has seen its fair share of news lately. After some negotiations, the company and union reached a contract agreement in September. … Continue reading

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I’ll trade you my clunker for…some debt?

Talk to most area new car dealers and you’ll likely learn that the government’s Cash for Clunkers program has been a success. Thanks to the program, demand for new cars is on the rise while dealer inventories are shrinking. However, … Continue reading

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Try an electric car in Baltimore

Electric cars are available for free test drives with admission to the Maryland Science Center now through July, according to the Baltimore Sun. The cars don’t go too fast and their charges don’t last too long, the Sun reported. Top … Continue reading

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Memorial Hospital makes cuts

Lots of news today, folks. Sean Adkins reports that Spring Garden Township’s Memorial Hospital will lay off 32 workers and leave 21 other positions unfilled. These moves, like so many others lately, come in response to the recessed economy. The … Continue reading

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Are they really green?

I just read a brief in the November issue of Consumer Reports about groups and organizations that have “green” sounding names, but in fact aren’t very green. With the explosion of the environmental movement, it’s always important to keep in … Continue reading

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Wow gas prices are falling …

So I just said about an hour ago on the blog gas prices have fallen a lot, down to $2.75. Well, I just saw $2.59 while running out to walk my dog. So where do you think the bottom is? … Continue reading

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York County commuters still want to carpool

A colleague of mine says gas isn’t “cheap” until it falls below $2 per gallon for regular. And apparently a lot of you out there agree. A couple-year-old local service that tries to hook up commuters with possible carpool partners … Continue reading

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