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Eight York County companies among Pa.’s top 100

Eight businesses based in York County made the 2014 list of the 100 Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania. The list, released Friday, is sponsored by the Team Pennsylvania Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. Companies … Continue reading

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Would you eat at a restaurant that failed its health inspection?

Last week, a food sanitarian temporarily closed the Glen Grille, a restaurant at Regents’ Glen Country Club in Spring Garden Township. The state cleared the restaurant to open the next day after an exterminator treated the eatery. Like any other … Continue reading

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What’s in your office fridge? At Idea Tree in York, it’s beer and condiments

A couple of weeks ago, I asked people to share their work fridge stories in response to the drama we’ve been having here at YDR. I got one response. One. Quality isn’t quantity, I remind you. That one response came … Continue reading

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York County: What’s in your work fridge?

Last week, we learned that the fridge in the York Daily Record/Sunday News break room needs some “special attention.” First, some string cheese went missing. Expired food is growing roots. An appliance shared by 100 adults has become a small … Continue reading

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Work like you exercise…in intervals

Most of us feel deeply challenged by how to get more done, more efficiently, in a world of relentlessly rising demand. The default answer is to put in more time. But just as that may be counterproductive in workouts, so it is at work.

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PA Commuter Services announces Bike Week winners…

A total of 90 participants logged nearly 2,740 miles while commuting to work by bicycle.

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Does your office have a “free” table?

Every office has a “free table.” You know … that place where people dump stuff from their house that they don’t want. Sometimes, bizarre trinkets show up. Old magazines. Coupons for random fast food restaurants. Romance novels with extremely awkward … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day office pranks: The good, the bad and a fun one from a York marketing firm

There’s putting cellophone under the toilet seat. There’s putting weird, miscellaneous goop on door handles. And, of course, there’s planting (insert disgusting insect here) into your co-worker’s desk drawer. All of the above are likely to ensure your prompt termination … Continue reading

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Already employed? Looking for a new job? Now might be the time to start.

If you haven’t heard yet, the national unemployment rate in February dropped from 7.9 percent to 7.7 percent. What does that mean? “That tells me that the economic recovery has been sustained,” said Cathy Dallas, vice president of JFC Temps. … Continue reading

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Bought a house in 2008? Don’t forget to repay the First-Time Homebuyer Credit.

Don’t expect the federal government to send you a letter reminding you of how much you owe on First-Time Homebuyer Credit. That task is no longer on the government’s to-do list. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service has created a Web … Continue reading

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