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Wolfgang Candy bringing back Skipjacks for a limited time

Wolfgang Candy Co. stopped making Skipjacks two years ago. But fans of the milk chocolate-covered oyster crackers, which went by the name of Cracker Crowns back in the day, haven’t forgotten them. They’ve been asking Wolfgang to bring them back. … Continue reading

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Do you have a Capital One credit card? You should expect a visit soon

I really wish I had a Capital One credit card. I could use the help. No, I’m not talking about financial assistance. I’m refering to real, hands-on help at home and at work. Recently, Capital One sent a contract update … Continue reading

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How much of your holiday shopping is done online?

I remember my mother waking me up on a chilly Saturday morning with instructions to get dressed quickly and be ready to leave in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old at the time. … Continue reading

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Why do York County drivers park on the side of the road whenever it rains or snows?

On Sunday, while making my way 50-minute drive from Spring Grove to West Manchester Township, I noticed that a lot cars were parked along Route 116. At the time, the county was struggling with the first snowstorm of the season. … Continue reading

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No, that’s not the government spying on you. It’s an Amazon drone.

Jeff Bezos’ vision of the future involves Amazon drones taking off from company fulfillment centers and landing at your doorstep less than 30 minutes later. York County is home to one of those centers in Fairview Township. In the drone’s … Continue reading

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On Facebook, York city merchant to customers: “You suck.”

Heading into the biggest retail weekend of the year, one downtown York merchant has a message for his customers. Well, 99 percent of them (according to a post on his Facebook page). “You suck.” It’s an unusual sentiment for a … Continue reading

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The West Manchester Mall: One woman loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE

It’s a brisk winter day. The snow is falling. You’re finishing up your Christmas shopping at the redeveloped West Manchester Mall. You have several stores you need to visit. They are spread around the open air center. But it’s cold. … Continue reading

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Costly titles: Thanksgiving Day needs a new name

I’m of the opinion that Thanksgiving needs a new name. Sure, it’s still a time when friends and relatives gather in one spot to enjoy a home-cooked meal and set aside mutual dysfunctions, if just for a few hours. But, … Continue reading

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Shopping: What has happened to people’s manners?

Warning: I’m about to complain about manners. I’m positive this problem has been happening as long as check out lines have existed, but here goes: The other day, I was in line at a certain discount clothier to purchase a … Continue reading

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My rules for impulse purchases at the grocery store

I tend to grocery shop hungry, so I developed rules to keep myself from impulse shopping.

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