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Got dairy?

Rutter’s releases special blog posts in honor of National Dairy Month.

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Rutter’s gas giveaway contest underway

Want to win a year of free gas? Head to Rutter’s this summer.

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Do ghosts inhabit York County landmarks?

Spring Grove residents are full of ideas about what could be next for the Hoke House – a more than 250-year-old farmhouse currently owned by Rutter’s. The Mayor of Spring Grove has suggested that the vacant stone house become a … Continue reading

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The house can be yours, as long as you’re willing to move it

Scott Hartman is clear when he speaks about the vacant stone farm house that neighbors the Rutter’s Farm Store on Main Street in Spring Grove. “If someone wants to come and move it, we would gladly give it to them, … Continue reading

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In the Sheetz vs. Wawa debate … what about Rutter’s?

On Sunday, the New York Times wrote about everyone’s favorite dilemma— one that has puzzled lovers of roadside fare since the beginning of time. Sheetz or Wawa? Shmuffin or Sizzli? “Made-To-Order” or “Built-To-Order?” It’s an interesting debate. Both establishments have … Continue reading

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Rutter’s hopefuls: A conversation with two applying for work at the York County chain

Met some cool cats hanging out at Rutter’s in Jacobus Thursday during the convenience store chain’s job fair for the new location in Loganville. I tried to yap with the prospective employees and put their minds at ease as they … Continue reading

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Today Show segment reenforces gas price discussion

This morning on the Today Show, gas prices were a hot topic of discussion – with a variety of reasons, including refinery closures on the East Coast, contributing to soaring gas prices. Here’s their segment: Visit for breaking news, … Continue reading

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Need a quick bite to eat? Head to the gas station.

It used to be taboo: getting your meal at a gas station meant you were taking a dive into a greasy world devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever. Not anymore. Locally, stores like Rutter’s, Sheetz, 7-Eleven and Royal Farms, to … Continue reading

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Check out business-related post on YDR Insider!

This morning, Scott Hartman, president of Rutter’s Farm Stores, stopped by the newsroom to talk about gas prices, oil refineries and everything in between. Business editor Cathy Hirko and I sat in on the discussion and learned a lot about … Continue reading

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Rutter’s app packs great features

I am an “app” junkie. Any time I see that there’s a cool, new iPhone app that could make my life slightly easier or at least entertain me for a good five minutes, I have to download it. So when … Continue reading

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