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Are more people landing jobs or are they simply dropping out of York County’s labor force?

The state of the local job market depends on who you ask. Some people will look at the current numbers and, with no real analysis, claim that the days of high unemployment are behind us. A quick look at those … Continue reading

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Where do you get your stocking stuffers?

On Christmas morning, my little sister and I still get stockings from my mom. She also fills a stocking for my dad, who is almost 60. She can’t help herself, I guess. We get the usual: Oranges. Sometimes a pomegranate. … Continue reading

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No, that’s not the government spying on you. It’s an Amazon drone.

Jeff Bezos’ vision of the future involves Amazon drones taking off from company fulfillment centers and landing at your doorstep less than 30 minutes later. York County is home to one of those centers in Fairview Township. In the drone’s … Continue reading

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The West Manchester Mall: One woman loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE

It’s a brisk winter day. The snow is falling. You’re finishing up your Christmas shopping at the redeveloped West Manchester Mall. You have several stores you need to visit. They are spread around the open air center. But it’s cold. … Continue reading

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Shopping: What has happened to people’s manners?

Warning: I’m about to complain about manners. I’m positive this problem has been happening as long as check out lines have existed, but here goes: The other day, I was in line at a certain discount clothier to purchase a … Continue reading

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My rules for impulse purchases at the grocery store

I tend to grocery shop hungry, so I developed rules to keep myself from impulse shopping.

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Shop a lot? Try the Shopkick app and earn free stuff

I’m addicted to an app. (No, it’s not Candy Crush. Ain’t nobody got time for that.) It’s called Shopkick, and thanks to coworker Brandie Kessler, I’m hooked. How does Shopkick work? You get points for walking into stores you’d probably … Continue reading

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My credit card number was stolen…but it was probably time.

In a world of electronics, sometimes the hackers win.

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Are the quality of cars improving or are we just broke?

. A couple of years ago, I bought my first new car in a long time. I did so not because my 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier had finally died. That wasn’t the case at all. In fact, the car was running … Continue reading

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When will the wheeled shopping BASKET trend hit the East Coast?

Last week, I went to Chicago. I could spend this blog post regaling you with stories of food I ate, people I talked to, and the crazy amount of clothing I bought. But I won’t. No, instead, I’d like to … Continue reading

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