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How much of your holiday shopping is done online?

I remember my mother waking me up on a chilly Saturday morning with instructions to get dressed quickly and be ready to leave in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old at the time. … Continue reading

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Are dollar stores the answer to urban food deserts?

This week while researching my story about the rise of dollar stores in York County, I had an epiphany. Dollar stores, with a smaller footprint than grocery stores or big box stores, can — and do — fit easily into … Continue reading

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Work like you exercise…in intervals

Most of us feel deeply challenged by how to get more done, more efficiently, in a world of relentlessly rising demand. The default answer is to put in more time. But just as that may be counterproductive in workouts, so it is at work.

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Rough winter makes way for healthy summer in crab populations

Crab populations in the Chesapeake Bay seem to be healthy, according to the latest report.

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Rutter’s gas giveaway contest underway

Want to win a year of free gas? Head to Rutter’s this summer.

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What York County food company has partnered with ‘Amish Mafia’ star?

Lebanon Levi lends his support to Wolfgang Candy as they launch two new candy lines next week.

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We’re Building a House: Sifting through the mortgage process

So the wife and I went through a sort of honeymoon period — well, the first one was years ago — I mean now, with this whole house project. The honeymoon period was feeling the rush of making the leap … Continue reading

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What are you paying for at the photo studio?

The “What are you paying for” series returns with studio photography.

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We’re building a house?!? — The journey begins

OK, the sign should read “sold” because we bought it. It’s not much right now, but give it time … Last week, a new table, chairs and a server (whatever the heck that is) arrived at my house and were … Continue reading

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Snowcam at work. Yes, people do really want to see it

We have a snowcam back up at work today. Many were skeptics on the cam earlier this year, wondering why would we put up a snowcam in the YDR parking lot. Can’t people just look out their window? Yep, they … Continue reading

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