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Harley-Davidson’s York plant recognized by IndustryWeek as one of 2013’s “Best Plants”

Harley-Davidson’s York County operations was recently recognized by IndustryWeek as one of its 2013 “Best Plants.” Why? According to the publication, “New Factory York” meets the challenge of operational excellence and keeps pushing for more.

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Have you worked as a Harley casual? Tell us about it.

Are you looking for work? I hear Harley is hiring. If you’re out of work, this sounds like the perfect opportunity. I mean, $16.75 to $23.30 per hour? That’s no chump change. The higher range of that is about $48,000 … Continue reading

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Shopping: What has happened to people’s manners?

Warning: I’m about to complain about manners. I’m positive this problem has been happening as long as check out lines have existed, but here goes: The other day, I was in line at a certain discount clothier to purchase a … Continue reading

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Need a haircut? Visit Licatese & Son’s Barber Shop in Springettsbury Township

A few weeks ago, I visited Licatese & Son’s Barber Shop in Springettsbury Township. The shop celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It is owned by Steve Licatese, 54, and his story is an American dream of sorts.

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The York Fair: Is it really about the prices?

The York Fair bounced back this weekend after some low-attendance numbers of 12,327 on Wednesday and 16,442 on Thursday. Last week, we asked York Daily Record/Sunday News Facebook fans to explain the dip in attendance. The question garnered more than … Continue reading

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Digital Divide: Among seniors, there are those who embrace technology and those who detest it

My grandmother understood progress. Back in the day, she and my grandfather were among the first on the block to buy a microwave or purchase a color TV. She bought my family our first Gateway 2000 desktop computer. When I … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day office pranks: The good, the bad and a fun one from a York marketing firm

There’s putting cellophone under the toilet seat. There’s putting weird, miscellaneous goop on door handles. And, of course, there’s planting (insert disgusting insect here) into your co-worker’s desk drawer. All of the above are likely to ensure your prompt termination … Continue reading

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Free stuff: Thanksgiving turkey from Giant that’s still hanging around in March

I still have my free turkey from Thanksgiving (I blogged about how excited I was to earn it via Giant points earlier this year.) I put it in different poses and had a photo shoot. I was ecstatic. But sometimes … Continue reading

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Casual Friday is back at YDR: What’s your office’s policy?

Tomorrow is causal Friday at YDR. You know what that means: jeans. From what I understand, this is the first casual Friday in a long time for our company. I guess you’re thinking, “It’s jeans. What’s the big deal, right?” … Continue reading

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Restaurant Week: Enjoy these specials any time of the year

It’s Restaurant Week in York city. Don’t get me wrong. I love to eat out. I’ll probably splurge at least once in the next five days … … But I’ll be honest: I’m not really the type to eagerly part … Continue reading

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