Hufnagel Library to host spring book, bake sale in May

The Arthur Hufnagel Public Library of Glen Rock is holding its annual spring book and bake sale beginning May 3 and continuing throughout the month.

Kicking off 9 a.m. Saturday at the library, located at 32 Main St., Glen Rock, patrons can choose from a large selection of adult and children’s fiction, audio books, DVDs and more.

A large variety of homemade baked goods will be available to purchase this weekend. The book and bake sale will close at 4 p.m. Saturday, and run 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. The book sale itself will continue through the end of the month.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the library. For details or directions, visit or call 717-235-1127.

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Comic Book Wednesday: ‘Umbral’

UMBRAL1_cover_PR“When the bards sing songs of my life, they probably won’t mention this part. The part where I fell into the Umbral and couldn’t get out.”

This is the beginning of a new horror fantasy comic titled “Umbral.”

In this tale, we meet a peasant girl named Rascal, who happens to be friends with Prince Arthir in the kingdom of Fendin. Today is a special day: It is the day of two dawns, or when there is an eclipse in the sky. It has been five centuries since this event occurred, and the crowds will want to see the royal family and the Mordent.

But Prince Artir would rather be exploring and playing with magic. Rascal and Artir are using the Mist with the Oculus, though it is unclear what the two plan to do.

All the plans are disrupted when evil spirits rain down horror in the palace. It is then that Rascal must fight for her life among the confusing horrors and hallucinations.

The title of the comic is appropriate: Umbral “is derived from the Latin umbra, meaning ‘shadow.’ It is also the Spanish word for ‘threshold.’” ( Both of these words hold importance in this comic, as the story is about what lurks in the shadows and behind closed doors, and these shadows seem to be creating a new doorway, or threshold, to bring horror to this realm.

Clever word-play isn’t the only thing that carries this comic. Writer Antony Johnston explains in the back of the comic that this story is heavily led by the art, created by Christopher Mitten. Johnston and Mitten have worked together before, and Johnston wanted Mitten to take over with his tale, while Johnston fine-tuned the story. Mitten used creative angles for character placement and a variety of story boxes to add to the suspense and disorienting nature. He even placed a map within the first few pages of the comic, which can be considered a bold move.

Issue No. 5 is now out in comic stores, so catch up on Rascal’s tale and see what is lurking in the umbral.

Comic Book Wednesday is a new feature that will showcase a variety of visually based books that fit into this wide category, to give a taste of this other form of reading.

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Central Pa. Romance Writers to meet May 3

The Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers (CPRW) welcome visitors and potential new members at their next meeting, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. May 3 at the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library, 16 N. Walnut St., Mechanicsburg.

According to a press release, May’s meeting will focus on intellectual property laws. Both published and unpublished writers are invited to attend.

CPRW is a regional chapter of Romance Writers of America, with members throughout southcentral Pa. For details, contact Beth Batoha at 717-795-0874 or visit

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Kids’ review: “The Story of Solomon Screech Owl” by Beth Lancione

In the mountain of books Stacia and I receive for review, we get a handful of children’s books. I gave one of the books, “The Story of Solomon Screech Owl,” to co-worker Matt Anderson to take home and read to his three children, Chloe, Ella and Ben.

Yesterday was a treat because the Andersons visited the office. Chloe and Ella shared their experiences reading “The Story of Solomon Screech Owl” by Beth Lancione.


First grader Chloe Anderson, right, sits with 5-year-old Ella to talk about “The Story of Solomon Screech Owl” by Beth Lancione.

Chloe, who is in first grade, said she had first read the book by herself. She heard it again with 5-year-old Ella when her family reads stories at bedtime.  Continue reading “Kids’ review: “The Story of Solomon Screech Owl” by Beth Lancione” »

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Book Review: ‘Siblings Without Rivalry: How to help your children live together so you can live too’

sibsworivalI’ve been doing it wrong.

I didn’t know how wrong, until I read “Siblings Without Rivalry: How to help your children live together so you can live too” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

Most mornings go like this in my house with my 9 year old daughter, Raina and my 4 year old daughter, Story:

Raina – “Story, stop chewing your toast so loud.  It’s making me sick.”

Story – Pretends like she doesn’t hear her sister. Chews even louder in Raina’s direction.

Raina – (trying to keep her calm) “Please Story.  I am asking nicely.  The way you chew your toast is really gross, and I would appreciate if you would stop chewing like a cow. You don’t want to be a cow do you?”

Story – Chews even louder in Raina’s direction. Continue reading “Book Review: ‘Siblings Without Rivalry: How to help your children live together so you can live too’” »

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L.J. Matarese weaves faith into fiction

One Thanksgiving morning, more than a decade ago, L.J. Matarese woke up with a sentence in her head:

“Goodbye, mom and dad. I’ll miss you.”Author picture

That sentence later became the first sentence of the first draft of Matarese’s manuscript for her contemporary Christian romance novel, “Scene 38, Take 3.”

Many years and many drafts later, the 26-year-old author from Yoe has a completed book.
The story follows young Laura Johnson, an aspiring actress who leaves her parents’ home to pursue her dreams. When Laura gets to Hollywood, she has a meeting with a director scheduled. However, Laura has a knack for being late, and the director assigns Laura’s role to another actress. Not knowing what to do, Laura ducks inside a cafe and meets Rob Lancing, a movie director who almost immediately casts Laura in his movie. Rob and Laura hit it off and become close friends, sharing in their Christian faith. The pair flirt with the idea of becoming an exclusive couple.
Continue reading “L.J. Matarese weaves faith into fiction” »

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Arthur Hufnagel Public Library hosting two events April 26

The Arthur Hufnagel Public Library, 32 Main St., Glen Rock, is hosting two events April 26.

From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., the library will host a perennial and seed exchange for anyone interested in sharing plants.

A rain-or-shine event, the seed exchange is an opportunity for people to trade with other local gardeners and create new looks in their own gardens at no cost. No registration is required, but attendees are asked to include plant names and instructions for care for any plants or seeds they intend to swap. Items will be sold for $5 each to anyone who does not have items to trade.

Beginning 11 a.m., the library will host therapy dog sessions to assist young readers.

Children will enjoy an enhanced reading experience with Shep, a two-year-old Great Pyrenees, and Ziva Marie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The event is free, but registration is requested so that 15-minute slots can be scheduled for individual reading time with the therapy dogs. Limited space and time slots are available.

To register for the therapy dog reading event, or for more information about either event, contact the library at 717-235-1127.

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Camp Hill author publishes mystery novel, will sign books at Recycled Reader April 26

creekside_nonemakerKeith A. Nonemaker of Camp Hill has published “Redemption at Creekside,” a mystery novel and the author’s first book, and will sign copies from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 26 at Recycled Reader, 1212 E. Market St., York.

The novel is set in the fictitious town of Creekside, and is part mystery, part love story and part Christian allegory.

“It conveys an important Christian truth without being preachy,” Nonemaker said in a press release. “Faith will always be tested.”

For more information, visit the “Redemption at Creekside” Facebook page or contact the author at Continue reading “Camp Hill author publishes mystery novel, will sign books at Recycled Reader April 26” »

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Book Review: ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walter

beautifulruinsI read seasonally.  In the summer, I tend to love books that make me laugh out loud, love stories with sappy endings, and memoirs that show hopefulness in the face of hopelessness.  In the winter I read heavy books that stimulate my thinking.

I love to curl up on my couch under a blanket and read with my highlighter in hand as I learn new subjects and look out the window and see the snow knowing that I have no where to go.  In the winter I also love to read historical fiction rife with tragedy and triumph, but dark endings don’t bother me when the sky looms gray every day.

During spring I crave transition books that can take me from the cold winds to warm breezy afternoons. When I saw the sunny Italian coastline on the cover of “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walters, I reached for it knowing it was time to make the transition from my dark, heavy winter books to more springy sweetness. Continue reading “Book Review: ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walter” »

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YDR’s Mike Argento writes about York Emporium’s Jim Lewin’s resilience after health scares

Mike Argento’s column for Monday’s paper is about York Emporium’s Jim Lewin and his January heart attack — the third for the nearly 60-year-old shop owner.

Read Mike’s column about the resilience and community support given to a beloved local book store owner.

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