Local author Jessica Mary Buck

The book: “Makeshift Christmas,” $11.95, Outskirts Press.

The author: Jessica Mary Buck is a freelance writer and musician. She lives in Shrewsbury with her husband and “two very spoiled little dogs.”

What it’s about: A woman, her pregnant daughter and her son-in-law struggle through tough times and the holiday season.

Excerpts: “I can be strong, Mother,” Meghan reassured her, wiping away tears. “I can be as tough as you are.”

“I didn’t know how tough I COULD be … until I HAD to be,” answered Rebecca, pensively.

“Rebecca’s Mom had always maintained that Christmas was the culmination of what you have sown all year … isolation versus building family ties; indolence versus hard work; selfishness versus generous sharing. She said that somehow it all “comes home to roost” at Christmastime — in a sense, it’s payback time.”

Fun fact: The book is loosely based on my real experiences and was first written as a short story in the mid-1980s. My daughter, Molly Buck, prodded me to “get those short stories out of that desk drawer and get them published!” This story, my first
published, evolved into a novelette.

Book signing: 2 p.m. Jan. 5, 2007, at Borders Books & Music, 3000 Whiteford Road, Springettsbury Township.

To buy: The book is available at Borders Books & Music in Springettsbury Township and on Amazon.com.

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