The vagaries of retail

Two stories of modern retail that left me shaking my head:
Dec. 18, the day before a major snowstorm was forecast and three days BEFORE the start of winter:
Customer in a Target store: Where would I find children’s hats and mittens?
Clerk points to children’s area
Customer: But I don’t see any left. Do you have more?
Clerk: No, that’s all we have.
Customer: But you have bathing suits out.
Clerk: Yes, we’re getting in the spring clothes now.
Dec. 22: Late in the day at a large grocery store, every aisle has large vacant spaces on the shelves from snowstorm and holiday shoppers. There is no flour, only a few bags of sugar. Produce has been picked over; other items on my list are not to be found.
But one shelf completely and beautifully stocked – the Valentine candy.
(Guess I should have picked up some candy hearts as a gag gift for the Christmas stockings!)

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