Still wondering about L.J. Smith’s “Nightworld” series’s “Strange Fate”

strange-fate-night-world-8028212-395-600.jpgWhen popular young adult fiction author L.J. Smith published her first supernatural romance series, “The Vampire Diaries“, I was about 5 years old. Of course I wasn’t really that into vampires at the time, unless you count Count Von Count on Sesame Street.
In middle school I found her books at my local library and devoured them from cover to cover. I started with “The Vampire Diaries” (which now has a show on the CW based on it) and then read “The Secret Circle” trilogy, followed by the “Forbidden Games” trilogy, the “Dark Visions” trilogy and finally the “Night World” series.
The first novel in the “Night World” series came out in 1996. The idea behind the series was that there is a secret, underground network of witches, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures called the “Night World.” The only rules for a supernatural to belong in this community is to never tell a human of its existence and to never fall in love with a human. The “Night World” series is about what happens when those rules are broken… because what the people in the Night World didn’t count on was an old prophecy that several prominent vamps, shapeshifters and witches will find human soul mates right before the apocalypse in the year 2000, threatening the secret existence of the Nightworld.
The last book in the series comes to an abrupt end, right before the apocalypse. Quite the cliffhanger, no? The last book in the series, “Strange Fate” was supposed to come out back in 1998 and tell us what happened next. However, for a variety of reasons that I don’t know, the book has been continuously delayed over the past decade. My hopes were dashed again this year when I heard that the release date had again been rescheduled from summer 2009 to April 6, 2010 until April 2011. I’ve been waiting for the conclusion to this series for over ten years. Why must L.J. Smith and her publishers torture us so?

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