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All Hallows Read

Are you doing All Hallows Read? According to this Web site, All Hallows Read tradition is giving someone a scary book on Halloween. The site links the idea to author Neil Gaiman. Which books are you going to give? Which … Continue reading

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Martin Library observing 75 years in the reading business

Jeanette Woolsey reads to York County school children from the back of Martin Library’s bookmobile in this late-1950s Gazette and Daily photo. Martin is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Martin Library has spawned all kinds of fascinating stories in … Continue reading

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Life is a verb

“I don’t see the truth in that.” Have you heard a more fail-safe response to someone’s bigotry, sexism, racism or whatever other-ism offends you? “I don’t see the truth in that.” It immediately squashes the other person because there is … Continue reading

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Are you a reader and a writer?

Many of us view reading as not only a wonderful hobby, but important research. Perhaps you dream of one day seeing your own book reviewed here on Book Buzz or on the shelves of a local bookstore. If you’re also … Continue reading

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‘The Hobbit’ cast announced

Tolkien fans, what do you think of the news about director Peter Jackson’s casting choices for “The Hobbit”? Martin Freeman will be the lead hobbit, Bilbo. I hope this movie can live up to the mind-blowing “Lord of the Rings” … Continue reading

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Not scary, not babyish, but a little creepy

This week, my daughter’s school is having a Fall Festival, during which I’m charged with leading a story time. It should be creepy, but not too creepy. It should be festive, but not too Halloween-ish. And most importantly, my second-grader … Continue reading

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‘Going Bovine.’ And then going ‘Bovine’ again

I’m reading “Going Bovine” by Libba Bray for the second time right now. As I suspected, there was a lot of foreshadowing I missed in the first frantic will-he-save-the-world-and-also-live? first reading. In the spectacular book, Cameron is just trying to … Continue reading

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“Agaat” by Marlene Van Niekirk

This is not an easy book to read, but it is such a masterpiece that it is worth trying. The story is about two women in South Africa in the 20th century: Milla de Wet, who inherits a farm and … Continue reading

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Survive anything, anywhere

My husband was going on his first backpacking camping trip on a trail marked strenuous. Several of the friends he was going with had never been camping before. I was nervous for him, so I did what any caring wife … Continue reading

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Friends with character

Which book character would you want to be friends with in real life? Literary agent Nathan Bransford’s outstanding blog has a fun guest post that deals with just that topic. Rachel Bertsche, who runs the blog MWD Seeking BFF, picks … Continue reading

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