The end of books?

bookKindle.jpgNo need to worry about the end of world on Saturday, folks. We have a much more pressing issue at hand — the end of the physical book.
Amazon announced this morning that it’s now selling more Kindle e-books than print books. Apparently, prior to today, e-book sales had surpassed hardcover numbers and paperback numbers, but now the online giant is selling more e-books than hardcover or paperback books combined. Combined, people!
All jokes aside, this does have the potential to be a turning point for electronic readers like the Kindle and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook. I know plenty of people, including avid readers and book-club members, who have switched over to the Kindle and nixed book-buying. Within just two weeks of York County library’s eBranch launch, patrons had checked out more than 240 items.
But I haven’t quite joined the trend yet. I still like the feel of a paper book, and I still have a dream of owning a house with a library in it.
(As a side note, though, I also had my first cell phone — a flip phone, at that — for six years before I gave in and bought one with a camera and a QWERTY keyboard. So maybe I’m just slower with technology.)
What about you — have you tried the Kindle or the Nook? Are you one of the many who’s bought an e-book from Amazon? Or are you a tried-and-true, physical book lover?

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I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.
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