Your memories of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys

Last week’s nostalgia over Nancy Drew was entirely unplanned. I just saw a tweet that reminded me of childhood reading and all the time I spent poring over the mysteries. Then I realized that Nancy Drew debuted in 1930 as an 18-year-old amateur sleuth… and 2012 would mark her 100th birthday.

It turns out, I’m not the only one who remembered enjoying Nancy Drew’s adventures and those of the Hardy Boys — lots of other folks really enjoyed the mysteries, too!

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Melissa Hall: I LOVE Nancy Drew! Once in a while I still get out a ND mystery and read it.
Rebekah Hinkle: I grew up on both!!
Heidi Waltermyer Taylor: I loved Nancy Drew! I still have a large collection
Christi Smith Reistad: Nancy Drew all the way!!
Heidi Sherrick Wolak: Love Nancy Drew
Cheryl Folkenroth: I read both Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys! I think I read every mystery book in the library!!!
Linda Chenoweth Harlow: Nancy Drew!!! My aunt would get the books for birthdays and Christmas. Still have them!!!
Martin Bentley Krebs: Wanted to be Joe or Frank Hardy… loved those books!
Rick Osborn: Hardy Boys and before them, The Happy Hollisters.
Mike Grey: Read the books AND watched on TV.
Nancy Heilman Ickes: Nancy Drew was my fav. Still have all the early ones.
Terri Heckman Zarfos Mellinger: my goodness……..I read every Nancy Drew and Hardy boys book. We had the Bookmobile and they kept them in stock for me!
Walter Kraus: both–sister and i would trade—also loved tom swift
Jeremy Zeigler: I used to read both I had quite a lot of the Hardy Boys and my mom had Nancy Drew so I got to read them both.
Annalisa Gojmerac: both books were great- and nancy drew made me feel it was cool to be a girl, unlike girls on tv who were always running away, falling down, and complaining about broken nails. Nancy Drew was never VAPID or BRAINLESS.
Sally Spangler: I owned every book, which was quite a few. Sold them when I got older to the used book store on East Market Street…sad day.
Pat McGrath: Still have a couple from my youth. Love to re-read the ones where Nancy work frocks and drove a roadster.

Do you have a memory of reading the books? Share it in a comment below!

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