Abbottstown author Jill Pritchett shares an update

Jill Pritchett, Abottstown PAOne of my favorite parts of interviewing and writing about local authors is following their progress after the story runs. It’s always an interesting story as to what motivated each author to write and publish something, but once it’s done, what happens next?

Last week, I received an email from Abbottstown author Jill Pritchett, whom we covered in the Sunday News in August. Her suspense novel “View From My Soul,” follows psychic Sarah Seere, who uses her intuition in solving a murder near her Virginia home.

Since August, Pritchett has had a series of book signings, some of which we’ve highlighted here on the blog. It turns out, those signings are introducing new opportunities, too:

“The librarian at York Catholic High School saw the article in the Sunday News about my second appearance at Tackroom Treasures and came to the event. Marie not only brought the librarian of St. Rose of Lima, but they both bought books. Now I am scheduled to visit York Catholic in January and talk to the students about writing and painting. I look forward to this very much!”

Thanks, Jill, for the update — and best of luck!

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2 Responses to Abbottstown author Jill Pritchett shares an update

  1. Karen Hostetter says:

    Dover Area Community Library has a copy of Jill Pritchett’s well-written novel, View from My Soul, in the collection. Interested readers can stop by the library to check it out or search for the title from website.

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Jill’s main character, Sarah Seere, treads lightly through the paranormal and balances her gift with compassion to help others. (Note: story has violence to young girls and may not be the best title for some readers looking for comfort at the current time. Save it for later – a good beach read.)

  2. Sarah Chain says:

    Karen, thanks for the comment! Glad to know you enjoyed the book, and appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Good tip for library users, too.

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