Local author promotes recent published work

Name : Marilyn Jennerjohn
Age : 75MarilynPicture[1]
Lives_in : York Township
Occupation : Retired educator
Family : Married with two children
Hobbies : weeding and singing, not necessarily at the same time
Name of book : Education, Assholes and Orgasmic Gardening
Release date : 09/05/2015
Published through : Year of the Book Press
Where to purchase : amazon.com or through the author (www.lazymezzo.com)
BookCover[1]Synopsis : The book is a collection of essays and stories. With a bit of snark, some essays reveal the author’s quirks, such as her passion for extracting dandelions. Another defends her refusal to discard a thirty-year-old tank top. In “Toilet Tales,” she discusses her obsession with toilet paper-roll replacement and her success in improving the unsavory conditions in one female faculty restroom. With a degree of sentiment, stories follow both admirable and not-so-admirable characters. In one, a homely child seeks love from her uncaring mother. Its sequel shows this child, now an adult, alone and socially challenged. A poignant story titled “A Dear Father” reflects the narrator’s own father-daughter relationship as she talks to the young child pictured snuggling up to the man reading to her.
Idea : A weeding experience produced my title long before there was a book. Other events in my life led to several stories. I based “Missing Shoes” on a sleep-walking incident during my early teens. Unable to find my sneakers, I stood on a sofa and ran my hands around the edges of a mirror — actions similar to those of the protagonist. I used both my mother and myself as models for the main character in “Gram: A Day on the Street.” Many ideas surface from just watching, listening and taking a few notes. Having taught in secondary schools for twenty-eight years, I gathered a wealth of essay possibilities from faculty meetings, parent conferences and the wording of administrative memos. “Antidepressants? No Way!” is a prime example.
Website : www.lazymezzo.com

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