I remember Gino’s, J.M. Fields and more

I remember when I turned 5 my parents took me to Gino’s. I was so excited because I got to pick where I wanted to go for my birthday meal. I remember the food came in a small red and white striped box, and we sat at a long table with round seats. Isn’t it crazy how you remember some things in such great detail?
Do you remember Gino’s? How about J.M. Fields or Orange Julius at the North Mall?

My mom used to work at the state liquor store on the lower level of the North Mall (anyone remember Dorothy Andrews) so I spent a good deal of time at that mall. I loved running up the ramp that ran from the lower level to the upper level where I’d always try to talk my way into getting a hot dog and orange smoothie from Orange Julius. Or, sometimes if my dad was hungry, too, and we were waiting for mom to finish her shift, we’d get a bite to eat at the lunch counter inside G. C. Murphy.
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6 Responses to I remember Gino’s, J.M. Fields and more

  1. Sue Hagan says:

    I can’t say I remember ever going to Gino’s. I do however have fond memories of my 8th birthday at Showbiz and shopping at Two Guys. I still love Orange Julius. You know you can find them at some Dairy Queens now? We had one when we were in Chincoteague over the summer.


    Of course I remember Gino’s from the time it was built. I also remember the orchards (apple, I think) that covered the hillside near that intersection, and there was a farm with Shetland ponies near the top of the hill. I think it was called “Lightner’s Farm” – thus, Lightner Rd. in the subdivision which was built in the 60’s (I think). Anyone else remember?

  3. DARK STAR says:

    J.M. Fields wasn’t that long ago, I remember
    trolly tracks In the square. Also, when you got a big bag of peanuts at Mike’s nut shop for 5
    cents to take Into the Rialto on Saturday morning.

  4. JCO says:

    Two things that you jarred a memory of……
    – The bowling alley in Two Guys – anyone remember it? It was these duck-pin like things that were automatic.
    – Anyone remember in the North Mall near the Mailman’s that weird fake fountain? It was these long thin sticks with what appeared to be pingpong balls at the top. God knows why I remember it.
    Also, I remember that ramp also, but I wasn’t allowed to run on it.
    I wish there were photos of the inside to see if I remember it like it really was. I remember the Orange Julius – do you recall they used raw eggs as part of it?

  5. Buffy Andrews says:

    JCO, I don’t remember the bowling alley at all. I do remember some sort of 2-story waterfall thingie at the North Mall, near the stairs and escalator. The Orange Julius was located straight ahead after you exited the escalator and G.C. Murphy was to your left. I kind of remember making the orange smoothie with raw eggs at home like long ago, but not sure if they used raw eggs at the stand.

  6. Cindy Andrews says:

    I remember all of these places. Sister Wendy worked at OJ. She would take me to GC Murphys for 45’s and a club sandwich at the snackbar. And the best part of going to JM Fields for groceries was knowing we were going to stop at Ginos.