Tweets about historical events

I’m always amazed at the news being broken on Twitter. It seems that within minutes of an event, the Twitterverse is buzzing. People are using this microblogging service to alert people to the event, often beating mainstream media. They detail the drama in 140 tweets and upload photos from the scene. Incredible.
Ever wonder what the tweets would have looked like for historical events, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor? Perhaps something like this:
Event: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor:
Tweet: OMG! Japan launches sneak attak w/torpedo & bomber planes on Amer. naval bse in Pearl Harbor & airfields of Oahu at 7:55 Hawaii time.
Event: Moon landing
Tweet: Apollo 11 launched from Ken Spce Cntr. Cmdr. Neil Armstrong bcame 1st man on moon. Said:1 small step for man, 1 giant leap for mankind.
Event: Hindenburg disaster
Tweet: Hindenburg in flames. Caught fire when Ger. airshp attempted to doc at Lakehurst Nvl Stat in N.J. 97 on bord. 35 pepl dead. 1 fatal on gro.
Event: Birth of Desi Arnaz Jr.
Tweet: Lucy & Desi Arnaz hve boy in Los Ang., Calif. Named Desi Jr. Plan for sho calls for L. to hve boy, named Ricky. sis Lucie Desiree brn 1951.
Go ahead. Try it. Take an event from history, when twitter was something birds did, and tell that event in 140 characters. From Christ’s crucifixion to the beheading of one of Henry VIII’s wives to discovery of a polio vaccine, there are tons of events from which to choose. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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