Remember: Panic at TMI

York residents recall their fear following the near meltdown of TMI in 1979 in this York Daily Record/Sunday News story, part of our Remember series.
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3 Responses to Remember: Panic at TMI

  1. Noel Kline says:

    I was in third grade during the crisis and remember the fear of drinking milk from Harrisburg Dairies at school. Days after the crisis, a brown cardboard sign was placed on the side of the milk carton cooler that read:
    “milk from local dairies”. How? It was still
    Harrisburg Dairies milk!

  2. Buffy Andrews says:

    Noel, I was in high school at the time and lived within 5 miles of the plant by air. I remember seeing parents coming to school to pick up their kids in cars loaded with belongings. Everyone was getting out of the area as fast as they could. I was a walker and they told the walkers to run home with our coats over our heads. We were so scared.
    Thanks for sharing your memory.

  3. Cindy Andrews says:

    I was a junior in college and was attending a Social Work Conference at Slippery Rock State College. I remember seeing it on the news there and called home right away. My dad said to not come home that he knew where I was and that I was safe. It was so hard to get through on the phone because everyone was trying to call somewhere or someone.