Are you ready for April Fools’ Day?

So last April Fools’ day a co-worker got me good. Sam moved my car to the other side of the building. When I went to leave for lunch — you got it, no car.
I thought someone had stolen it. This went on for awhile. I called Hubs to see if he had taken my car for some reason. He was a bit perturbed when I told him I couldn’t find it.
“What’ do you mean you can’t find it?”
“Like I said. I can’t find the #%$! car.”
I was about to call police to report my car stolen when Sam fessed up. When I did finally get in the car, the heat was turned up the whole way, the windshield wipers were flying and the radio was blaring.
I’m trying to think of a way to get Sam back. If you have an idea for me, email me at and put “April Fools” in the subject line. She reads this blog and I don’t want her to see what I possibly could have planned.
Here is a link I found that gives great ideas for office pranks. Check it out and tell me in comments if you ever pulled a great joke and what it was or if you were the recipient of one and what it was.
And, since this is a social media blog, has anyone ever pulled a joke using a social media format? If so, tell us about it. And are there pitfalls to doing this?

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