I joined Google’s +1 experiment

So I joined Google’s +1 experiment. It’s similar to Facebook’s “Like” button. As soon as I joined the experiment, I saw the +1 icon next to each link in my Google search results. All I had to do was click on the +1 button next to the result to give it my stamp of approval. So, of course, I did this blog, my writing blog, the YDR homepage, my literary agency page etc.
According to Google, when you +1 something, your name becomes associated with that link “in search, on ads, and across the web.” It also shows up in a feed on your Google Profile. When you click on your profile, you will see a +1 tab at the top with all of your +1’s listed. Way cool.
Let me know if you do this and what you think of it. Here’s the link to sign up.

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Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Also, Social Media Coordinator.
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