How much is too much when it comes to social networks?

How much is too much when it comes to managing social media platforms and sites? There’s Linkedin and Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and Google+. Then there are the various blogs you might follow and the blog(s) you might write. (Besides this blog, I maintain a writing blog.)

While I’ve always been pretty decent at juggling a slate of stuff, it’s definitely a challenge. I find that I haven’t had much time lately keeping up with all of the blogs in my Google Reader.

So here’s my question. What about you? What networks do you use most and how do you manage your time so that social media doesn’t eat up your entire day? Would love to hear your answers.

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Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Also, Social Media Coordinator.
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20 Responses to How much is too much when it comes to social networks?

  1. I don’t have much time so I check it usually 2 x a day and answer messages or post something at that time. Usually it is when I finally get to sit down at night to watch tv or I take my laptop to bed and check it before falling asleep. Sometimes even when I get up at 3:30 am I will check it if I know that someone is going to be answering me back.

  2. Nicole says:

    As a wife, mother of 4 (and watch an infant all day long), school,volunteer, and college student my time is extremely limited. If it weren’t for my smartphone there would be no way for me to keep up with social media. I use facebook the most, and I also like to keep up with twitter but usually I have to choose :( or miss days of tweets. I pick up my phone look quick and continue moving. I do this frequently so im not having to sit all day at my phone catching up. I find FB and twitter a a release and “quiet” time for me….although I have 5 little ones in the background, usually toys, and tv or music, so my quiet time is just blocking it out (except for crys obvioysly :)).

  3. Renee Frey says:

    I love twitter. Doesnt take much of my time. Go on and get quick updates. Facebook took way too much of my time cause I am extremely nosy!!! LOL

  4. Mary Douglas says:

    I maintain a personal Facebook site, and a share a Facebook page with a friend, to share information locally that not ALL our friends might want to see. I won’t spend more time on other sites, so that’s it for me.

  5. Jen Schaeffer says:

    The only social media I use right now is Facebook. I used to be all about Myspace (well, that was years ago) and never wanted to transition to the confusing Facebook. But I eventually did, and I will admit, I’m an addict. I obsessively check Facebook most of the day and if I’m not checking it on the computer, it is always right there on my phone. I think Facebook is now just as important in anyones life, as say…making sure they eat!

  6. Karen Weaver says:

    nothing 2 personal & just read thru posts in morning & evening

  7. LB Ansari says:

    I use Facebook the most. I seldom check Google+ and Twitter anymore. I think I manage my time with using my cell phone’s internet access while I’m out and about. It allows me to get my errands done and keep up with what my friends are posting.

  8. Kalida says:

    I tend to use Twitter more than anything else. I feel like I can speak my mind more openly on Twitter because there aren’t as many people there that I actually know. Facebook is always nice for keeping in touch with people, but sometimes (a lot of times) it can become a bit much. People whining, complaining, etc.

  9. Deb Lynch says:

    Growing up in a world where there was no cell phones, computers, internet, and only 3 tv stations(if you were lucky) A year ago I didn’t understand social media. but having a 19 year old daughter, and looking at the cell phone bill, I’m trying to understand. I remember looking at the (fortunately) unlimited media/text message bill and asking her “how can you text 5000 times in a month”…? Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I sent a text to my husband because it’s just easier than talking to him…but 5000!? Now when her phone “dings” that there is another message, she’s telling me it’s a notice from facebook…? again, as she would say, I’m shm! She couldn’t survive without all of the media that she has, facebook, texting, her cell phone, her computer…me on the other hand, yes, I do admit I’m curious about facebook, and most of the time I can’t find my cell phone, but again, texting can probably be one of those secrets to a long and happy marriage…(as my daughter would say LOL).

  10. Nichole says:

    I’m currently in charge of managing social media for the company that I work for… and let me tell you, it’s a challenge. First, we’re not your typical company, we’re a manufacturer and we don’t sell direct… so at times it seems like it’s pointless to do any social media marketing at all.

    But since it’s the “in” thing to do now, I have to decide what to particpate in and what to use. At the moment, we’re looking at using Facebook as a photo and video sharing site, Twitter as a “hey, check out what we’re doing over on our website” site, and two different blogs to keep our dealers up to date of the new stuff we’re doing.

    We’re an older company and this “new fangled” stuff doesn’t always go over well… but I’m doing my best to keep us in the know and on par with our competitors, while still keeping our posts lighthearted and fun.

  11. Adam says:

    Social media is a great way to stay connected and get the most current news, but I’ll check it when I want to…I don’t want a pop up message on my screen, notifications sent to my phone or the facebook fairy to whisper in my ear every time someone comments on a tagged picture of me. That’s when it starts to eat your day. I do my best to turn all notifications off.

  12. Terri Hinckley says:

    I use Facebook. I don’t play any games there. I just check up on my friends & family and get off.

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  14. Cassady says:

    I really only use Facebook. I am a self employed business owner and mom of 2 so some days are very busy :) I’m not one to sit on the computer all day, and since I have the Facebook app for Iphone, I can post and read really at anytime. I go days without being on, and some days (if there’s something interesting) I’ll get on several times. I follow a few blogs, which post on Facebook as well so that is really the only social media tool that I use.

  15. Mary Yeaple says:

    I find TweetDeck to be very helpful in monitoring the various Twitter accounts I’m responsible for, because I can keep an eye on several accounts simultaneously, without logging into individual Twitter accounts.

    I also like the new Facebook feature that alerts me (on my personal profile page) to activity on my organizations’ pages. In the past, I found myself checking each page periodically just to see if there were any new posts. This new FB feature definitely saves time.

  16. wanda says:

    I use facebook as a way of keeping up with friends, however I have a fulltime job and utilize it usually late at night or on days off. I do enjoy Cafe World and most recently some of the slot games.

  17. Lindsey Wisniewski says:

    All of these social media platforms are a giant waste of time. I am not on facebook, myspace, twitter, or any other for a good reason. I do not care to know what other people are doing or thinking, and I certainly do not want myself on the internet. The only reason I am replying to this blog is because I saw it the newspaper { yes that’s right, a newspaper, not a computer } and I want to win 4 free tickets to Hershey Park. If you want to connect with people pick up a phone!

  18. Christine Sorling says:

    I Never Thought ina Million years that I would become on of “those” people. I can barley turn on the computer! lol But I found through facebook, I found My “voice” on certain pages especially Sports pages and I Love to see All The “likes” on My comments. I use the innernet reposibly. I don’t hide behind it and Im not on here to BULLY NoOne! Infact all i can say is Thank you God.. No Internet When I was in school! It would have Even worse than it was having the Internet back then! Also I miss The Face to Face contact with people! All they want to do is E-mail, Facebook or Text You! But I have to admit I went on a trip and I was def packed with more Chargers than socks!

  19. Tracy Taylor says:

    I use to spend hours on Facebook but have cut down dramaticly the past couple of months. Just have too much to do that isn’t on Facebook

  20. Melissa Faulkner says:

    I use twitter for fun and facebook to keep up with family and friends. I check twitter in the morning and facebook in the evening.