People get the news from…

This is an interesting study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project about how people learn about their local community.

Snippets from the report:

“Americans turn to a wide range of platforms to get local news and information, and where they turn varies considerably depending on the subject matter and their age,”

“Most Americans, including more tech-savvy adults under age 40, also use a blend of both new and traditional sources to get their information.”

“Newspapers (both the print and online versions, though primarily print) rank first or tie for first as the source people rely on most for 11 of the 16 different kinds of local information asked about — more topics than any other media source.”

“Local TV draws a mass audience largely around a few popular subjects; local newspapers attract a smaller cohort of citizens but for a wider range of civically oriented subjects.”

About Buffy Andrews

Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Also, Social Media Coordinator.
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