Find out what people are tweeting about and when they are tweeting it

One of my newsy besties turned me onto this site. It’s pretty cool. You can find out when people are talking about a particular topic — like music or movies — on Twitter.

Why is this important? Because it means that you can find the best time to tweet about a particular topic.

For example, I searched beer and wine and discovered that beer is slightly more popular than wine. I also found that people are, for the most part, drinking them around the same time.

Not every term is in the database. For example, I searched for “hogmaw” and “pizza.” Hogmaw, a Pennsylvania Dutch dish, was not in the database. Same for the terms “York Fair” and “Bike Night,” both local events.

Go ahead and try it. It’s a lot of fun.

Note: The dataset comes from public Twitter accounts and was collected using the Twitter API over the course of several weeks in early 2010.

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