Lovin’ my new iPad keyboard dock

So I finally bought the iPad keyboard dock and I wish I had done it a lot sooner. I was looking for a solution that would enable me to more easily use my iPad alongside my desktop at work. My desktop is so slow that I was becoming frustrated by my inability to multitask quickly. The dock provided the solution I needed. The iPad connects to the dock via the 30-pin connector on its bottom panel.

The iPad is much more useful with the keyboard input, and the keyboard features iPad-specific function keys which are way cool. These include the following buttons on the top row: Search, screen brightness controls, view in picture frame mode (to display a single image or start a photo slideshow), keyboard (to show or hide the iPad’s on-screen keyboard), forward and backward controls (for music and videos), mute, volume controls, and a lock key to turn off the iPad’s screen. There is no number pad.

It didn’t take me long to get the hang of the user experience, a combination of touch screen and input via keyboard. At first, I instinctively went for my mouse to position the cursor. Funny that when I went back to using my laptop I found myself touching the screen.

I think this will work out well for what I need. Since I’m used to typing on a larger keyboard, I was concerned about the smaller size. But I adjusted very quickly and this was no big deal. For the amount of typing I need to do at work, this physical keyboard works better than the virtual one.

If there are any downfalls, it’s that you can’t dock it horizonally (there’s no connector on the side of the iPad) but I can live with that. If you’re using your iPad and doing a lot of typing on it, you might want to consider this option.

Here’s a review I found that might be useful.

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