Don’t miss: From meet Mary Yeaple to Halloween events to Salvation Army and PSU alum campaign

Dang! There are so many awesome things to include in this week’s link salad. Where do I begin?

1. Check out Samantha Dellinger’s totally cool interactive witch coloring project on the new Smart blog. Speaking of the Smart blog, do yourself a favor and bookmark this site or add it to your Google reader. The blog is  jampacked  with all kinds of neat stuff — from news you can use to make your life better to just plain fun musings, like this one on how men should know how to answer a woman’s questions. Check the blog out today. You won’t be sorry.

2. Entertainment reporter Erin McCracken has pulled together a listing of Halloween happenings in the area. It’s your one-stop shopping for all-things ween. Check it out now!

3. Don’t miss reading Something about…Mary Yeaple, a local social media maven. Does she like Twitter or Facebook? Beer or wine? Rock or country? Find out. And if you’re from York County and active  on social media and would like me to profile you. email and put “Something about” in the subject line. I’ll email you questions and we’ll go from there.

4. Check out the top YDR videos. Do you have a fave?

5. Jim McClure blogs about the Salvation Army standing on the front lines in time of war.

6. Foursquare makes bat caves more private.

7. John Hilton talks about the great opening weekend “Courageous” had on Belief and Beyond. The faith-based movie tells the story of four police officers and their efforts to become better fathers.

8. Would you tweet from a wedding or funeral?

9. Frank Bodani posts on Nittany Nation that family and friends of former Penn State football captain and NFL veteran Steve Smith have launched a campaign and website to support Smith and his family as ongoing medical expenses related to his battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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