Pew study: Facebook users get more than they give

According to a Pew Study, Facebook users get more than they give.

Among the findings:

— On average, users make seven new Facebook friends per month; they initiate three requests and accept four.
— 80 percent of friend requests that are initiated are accepted.
— Women average 11 updates to their Facebook status per month while men average six.
— Personal messages on Facebook are generally not replacing email; more than half did not send a private message, and 59 percent did receive a message.
— On average Facebook users contribute about four comments/likes for every status update that they make.
— In a month, about half of the sample made a comment on a friend’s content, and about half received a comment.
— Less than 5 percent of users hid content from another user on their Facebook feed.


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One Response to Pew study: Facebook users get more than they give

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