Comics poll: Pick one of these new comics to add to lineup

We’re thinking about making some changes to our daily comics page. ┬áPlease take a moment to vote on which new comic we should add. Best, Buffy



About Buffy Andrews

Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Also, Social Media Coordinator.
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3 Responses to Comics poll: Pick one of these new comics to add to lineup

  1. june lloyd says:

    Thanks for allowing the readers a vote. Mike du Jour looks good. I have been avidly reading the newspaper comics since I could read. I read just about all of them, but for some reason I can’t stand “Close to home.”
    Thanks again for letting us have our say.

  2. Carl Huber says:

    The three comics are really awful. Putting a gun to our heads, we can say “Mike du jour” is a tad less horrid than the other two. Please find 3 more, and ignore the current votes, as people are obviously voting for the least worst.

  3. gloria aughenbaugh says:

    I voted for the Pickles comic and I would bet that your subscribers would also if they were online.
    There is only one I read on page two of the comics. You could put more on that page if the size were reduced.