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Here are some of my writing tweets. You can follow me on Twitter @Buffyandrews.

* Characters are like kids. They want to be played with, taken on adventures. And they won’t let you rest until you do.
* Show me the contract. (Smiles)
* I’m trying to give my character voice but he won’t speak.
* Trying to get an agent is like standing in line to be picked for kickball. Pick me! Pick me! …Dang, last again. (smiles)
* Funny how when you write “The end” you hope that it’s the beginning of something great.
* In a world of noise, writing is my soul speaking silently.
* Faith to Doubt: Get your sorry ass out of here. You don’t wanna mess with me cause I ain’t feelin’ generous today. (Clenches teeth)
* I’ve decided that writing is like childbirth. It’s painful and difficult and you think it will never come out. And then it does!
* I scare myself when I start having conversations with my characters.
* I can’t stop writing because I can’t wait to see what will happen.
* Sometimes my characters shock me. I can’t believe the things they do. Oh! Wait! Real people are like that, too. Imagine.
* Sometimes in writing reality and fiction blur to the point that you have to remind yourself which is which.
* Character: Why do you put me in impossible situations? Me: Trust me. You’ll find a way.
* Me to character: Tell me you just didn’t do that! That is just so wrong. Character: What are ya gonna do about it? Me: make it right.
* When I write I make sense of the chaos in my mind.
* Fascinating the things your characters tell you when you take the time to listen. Don’t shush them.
* That pesky thing called time keeps running out on me. Can someone just stop the clock to give me more time to write?
* Last night, my characters kept me awake. Apparently I haven’t been giving them enough attention.
* I hate when Writing won’t let me sleep. It can be such a pest at times. Twisting and turning and telling me this and that.
* With each word you write you get a step closer to finishing.
* I think the best part of writing is the discovery. Our characters make us cry and laugh and love and hate. Enjoy the discovery.
* Funny how your characters take on a life of their own. They are like little kids pestering to be played with.
* Some days, writing is like a dentist drilling a cavity in your mouth without giving you novacaine. It totally sucks. I hate pain!
* My characters told me a lot of interesting things this weekend. The more I hang with them the more I discover. Awesomeness:)
* Character: When will bad guys come? Me: How do you know they aren’t here? Things are not always what they seem. Reality and illusion blur.
* Me to character: Why don’t you have more balls? Character: I’m waiting for you to give me some.
* So you wanna write? Well, then, do it. Just do it. You won’t get anywhere just thinkin’ about it. Nothing was ever achieved that way.
* Writers write, editors edit; together they make magic for readers to read.
* You know you’re a writer when: You talk about your characters as if they were real people.
* Me to Comma: I will never get use to you wanting to butt your way into my sentences — even if you’re right.
* Querying means willingness to put yourself out there and be rejected. Hey, that’s a lot like love, no? But sometimes, you’re loved back:)
* Bring on that novel mountain and we’ll climb it together, one word at a time.
* If I have to tell you one more time Rejection and Doubt, take your sorry asses out of here. (Squinting eyes, hand on hips, clenched teeth.)
* So I was tellin’ Rejection what a poor excuse for a word he is. That’s right, I told him. I’m on Accept’s side. (He pouts.)
* Me to Doubt: Take your big butt out of here before I kick it out. (Looks at me with evil eyes.) Don’t believe me? Just try me. (Runs away.)
* I so love this character. Makes me laugh. And laughter is sooo good. Makes my heart jiggle with joy:)
* Cutting manuscript is like pulling your hair out. Man it hurts.
* Writing is literary magic that turns ideas and thoughts and characters into something tangible.
* When I write, I dream.
* Writing is that thing we do that keeps us sane.
* I wonder if in Heaven everyone will love what I write. Because, well, down here I’m not having too much luck.
* Writing is that thing that gives us peace.
* Writing allows me to be someone I’m not.
* Revising reminds us that our writing can always be better. Strive for the best.
* Writers must be the biggest believers.
* Me to characters: talk to me people.
* Writing is like opening an unexpected gift. It surprises us and makes us smile. I love unexpected gifts
* Sometimes the writing just comes and we’re like, oh yeah. Gotta love when that happens.
* Writing can be agony and joy and every emotion in between.
* Revising is like surgery. Cut. Cut. Snip. Snip. Cut. Snip. Cut. OUCH! All better.
* I am so over you, Rejection. You can’t get to me like that anymore. I won’t let you squash my hopes and dreams. (Slams door) So there!
* Why is writing sometimes like trying to get gum out of your hair? Ouch! It’s a mess & hurts. Sometimes you just have to cut it out. So there.
* Writing is like making rich delicious chocolate for our minds to savor and enjoy.
* Writing is like wallpapering. You work to get it up and looking perfect, hope it sticks and that others enjoy it.
* Writing is like peeling an orange. You pick away at the shell until you get to the delicious fruit inside. And then enjoy it.
* Writing is like opening a treasure chest — you never know what you will find.
* Writing that inspires us is like getting candy as a kid – a delightful treat:)
* I’m in love with writing, but sometimes I swear it hates me. Doesn’t want to cooperate. Can be stubborn and downright nasty. Listen up, U!
* Good editors are priceless.
* Writing is the key that unlocks the stories battling in our brains to get out.
* If I write as well as I golf, I’m in trouble!
* Writing is our medicine. It makes us feel better.
* Writing is like eating dessert — you can never get enough of it.
* Writing sweetens our day and makes life so much richer.
* Writing is a mental massage that soothes our soul in ways nothing else ever could.
* Writing is as natural and essential as breathing.
* Never thought I’d write “fart” in a middle-grade query letter, or “pimple” for that matter. But what the heck. This book is fun.
* Three words for a writer: Make me care. That pretty much sums it up, I think.
* Conflict. Conflict. Where art thou conflict?
* Best part of waking up is writing on my laptop.
* Rejection. Rejection. You can’t handle rejection!
* Think. Think. Think. Write. Write. Write. Delete. Delete. Delete. So much for writing a page a day. Can’t get past first sentence.
* I said plot, not pot. There’s a BIG difference
* Had to write “a lot” 100 times when I was a kid. “A” all the way to the left of the paper; “lot” all the way to the right. Dang teachers!
* I looked at the blank page and nothing happened. It just stayed blank.
* Their. There. Its. It’s.Grammar rules!
* And to think I thought this writing gig would be easy. NOT!
* Psst. Hey you. Making any progress on that book? That bad, huh. OK, I won’t ask again. But maybe you ought to try, um, gardening.
* Writing is like eating an ice-cream sundae. (YUM!) Math, on the other hand, is like eating liver and onions. You couldn’t pay me to do that!
* Does an active voice mean its exercise its chords?
* Person A: Possessives? Is that like touchy-feely stuff? Person B: No. That’s possessive.
* I never did like that character.
* Character: Are you even trying to write? Me: Of course. Why? Character: Try harder. Me: Are you saying it’s crap? (silence)
* Sometimes when I write I feel like I have multiple personalities.
* Hey Revision. You can be a pain but you do make Book better.
* Some agent. (And tweeps went to the blog to read about the awesome agent who had signed the hopeful writer and saved her from Rejection)
* I wish I could write and not have to worry about the shift key and the computer would automatically do all the capitalization.
* The Little House — my favorite childhood book — still sits on my shelf. RIP: Virginia Lee Burton
* I went to the book store and imagined my book on the shelf. Maybe someday.
* Didn’t you get the memo? It said to write.
* It’s the right time to write.
* Writers rock!
* Sentence: But out Comma. Comma: Then put Pronoun after Conjunction.
* Writer’s wish list: Time. Time. And more time.
* There is no swear word swear-ish enough when the power goes out and you lose your work.
* Hubs waiting to be a kept man. He doesn’t realize what most writers make — nothing!
* To write or not to write, that is the question. And the answer is always YES!
* Character: You talkin’ ’bout me? Me: Yeah, I’m talking about you. Do something! Character: Make me Me: My pleasure.
* A tweet a day keeps writer’s block away.
* (One year later) I so can’t believe I thought this book was ready to send out. What was i thinkin’? I guess that’s the problem. I wasn’t.
* I’m sitting in church writing on a bulletin. Hey, a writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do.
* I can’t imagine writing in the old days. Pen and paper suck.
* My agent just challenged me. Love it! Game on.
* Are writers normal? I hope not because that would eliminate me.
* Sometimes, I wish I could live the life of my character. That dude has so much fun.
* It’s a dog-eat-dog literary world out there.
* Instead of man vs. man, it should be writer vs. writer. We’re all fighting for that publication slot.
* My writing is the only place I love conflict. I could do without it in real life.
* I you can think it you can write it.
* The first step toward publication? Writing the book.
* If rejections were cash, I’d be rich
* Character: Psst. Me: What now? Character: Just wanted to make sure you were alive because this story’s stagnant. Me: I’m alive and I know.
* I love when a query becomes a Yes.
* I hate when an idea pops into my head and there’s no paper in sight. Oh well. Just have to give myself a hand:)
* The world is full of interesting characters for my book.
* Ahem. Mr. Interjection, can you not sound so surprised? Settle down like Period.
* The sweetest words a writer will ever hear: We’ve got a deal.
* Lets get Write. He’ll try it. He tries anything: Poems, short stories, books…
* Some days the writng comes easy. Some days it doesn’t come at all. That’s when you have to go find it.
* If you see it in Strunk and White it’s so.
* A cliffhanger is when
* you have to keep reading to find out what happens next. (Gotcha)
* Me (holding up dictionary): Don’t you use this? Person: No. I spell check.
* You’re a high maintenance Sentence. I think I’ll split you in two. Easier to handle.
Plot, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t make it work. I tried. I really tried. But, can I be brutually honest? You sucked.
* I’m happiest when I writing. A total bitch when I’m not.
* Good thing: I wrote a sentence. Bad thing: I erased it. Hope this isn’t a sign of how my writing day is going to go.
* You know you’re a writer when you talk about your characters like they’re real people.
* You know you’re a writer when you read wedding announcements and obituaries looking for character names.
* You know you’re a writer when you eavesdrop on conversations wherever you are.
* Writing is an adventure. There’s so much to discover and learn.
* Character: I hope this is a draft because, well, it stinks right now. Me: Who asked you?
* Question: When do Words become Story? Answer: When plot butts in.
* Me to Character: You need to talk more. Character: Make me. Me: Well, you don’t have to get a ‘tude about it.
* You know you’re an editor when you proof the teacher’s correspondence your kids bring home from school.
* You know you’re an editor when you obsess about the typos in the church bulletin.
* I’m trying to develop a meaningful relationship with Voice. He doesn’t want to be bothered right now so I’m going to flirt with Plot.
* Show to Tell: Beat it, bandit. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s gunnin’ for ya.
* Characters to Plot: keep movin’. We want to finish this book and see what happens.
* Muses, where have you been people?
* The goddesses have delivered the muse. Big thanks to Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Urania and Thalia.
* The goddesses have delivered the muse. Big thanks to Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania and Thalia.
* Once upon a time…you finish.
* A dark and stormy night … you finish.
* A writer’s best friend and worse enemy is his mind. It can lead to greatness or madness. The writer decides.
* Sometimes writing’s easier with a beer or two. How about you?
* Climax: It’s all down hill from here.
* To write or not to write is NEVER a question. You ALWAYS write.
* Revising is like bleaching whites. You remove the stains and dirt and make the writing pristine.
* A little bird told me to tweet: Write on!
* Rising Action to Falling Action and Conclusion: When you dudes wrap it up, make sure you leave room for a sequel.
* Have a writerly day.
* I hate when Thought runs away and I can’t remember what he said.
* I hate when I don’t know how to spell a word and can’t look it up because I don’t know how to spell it. Even happen to you? Ugh!
* Wish work was like high school and I could skip to stay home and get caught up on homework, er, writing.
* Waiting to finish a book, find an agent, get a publisher, hold book in your hands is the longest wait EVER!
* I sure hope getting into Heaven isn’t as difficult as getting into print.
* Write well.
* Getting the call is like being picked first in kick ball — you can’t believe that anyone thought you were that good.
* Pull up a chair, grab a cup of joe and let me tell you a story.
* Catch the perfect writing wave and have the ride of your life.
* I wear the writer pants in the family.
* If you need someone to dedicate your book to, I’m available. (Smiles)
* Words are a melody playing in my mind.
* You should be able to hear a writer’s voice. If you can’t, he doesn’t one.
* Never, ever be satisfied with mediocre writing. Anyone can be mediocre. It’s takes practice to be great.
* Dang Muse. Been lookin’ everywhere for you, dude. Who you hangin’ with these days? Could use an idea or two.
* A writer is rich in words. Unfortunately, words don’t pay bills.
* So there’s daylight saving time. Can we have a writer saving time? Lengthen the day by one hour so we have an extra hour to write.
* Maybe there should be a worst seller list. Seems like these books need the most help. The best sellers are doing just fine.
* Get movin’ Plot. At the rate you’re dragging your words you’ll never get to the best part of the book.
* I couldn’t think of a dang thing to write all day, except this.
* Character: Why don’t you kill me off? I’d be less of a pain that way. Me: No, I need your pain to make this book better.
* Writing days come and go. Some are good and some are bad and some I’d just rather not talk about.
* Nothing like a piece of chocolate in the morning (and 4 cups of coffee) to get the muse kickin’.
* (Jumping up and down) Got an idea. Got an idea. It’s… Dang! Lost the idea. I hate when that happens. And it was a best seller, too.
* Trying to figure out how to turn dumb ideas into smart ones.
* I’m not stalling writing. I’m letting my idea percolate. When it’s just right, it will pour out of me.
* If you think I’m going to let some little slime ball named Doubt get in my way of writing, think again
* What every author longs to hear: I don’t want this book to end.
* Sometimes, simple is better than fancy schmancy.
* So you want to be a writer? (Person nods) Good luck with that.
* It only takes one great idea to become a best selling author. Have a great idea?
* Writing is a magic elixir that can cure any ill.
* If I could choose between writing and sleeping, I’d choose writing. Just wish I didn’t have to sleep in order to write.
* Sometimes you meet someone and you just know a character based on them will show up in a book somewhere down the road.
* Writers write and rewrite and rewrite some more until it’s right.
* A story can’t end if it never starts. Get started.
* When a writer says he’s doing research, what he’s really saying is that he’s people watching at the mall.
* The best gift you can give a writer is time to write with no interruptions.
* Writer. Another word for poor.
* The best kind of day is a writing day.
* Write the day away.
* Person A: I write for a living. Person B: How much do you make? Person A: Nothing yet
* Get your writing on.
* Person A: Who in the world ever told you that you could write? Person B: My mom. Person A: And you believed her?
* Write on!
* I think I could write entertaining instruction manuals. How about you?
* My to-do list: Write
* Person A: Can’t wait until my book comes out. Person B: When’s that? Person A: I have to sell it first.
* I’ve been dating Dash, but we’re becoming a bit too attached. Gotta let him down easy and go out with Comma for awhile.
* So glad I don’t use paper and pencil to write. I would kill a bazillion trees and the writing bump on my middle finger would never go away!
* Why is it that when I sit down to write, Muse decides he wants to play hide and seek. Gotta find that dude and fast.
* Person A: I need to practice signing autographs for when my book comes out. Person B: When’s that? Person A: I haven’t written it yet.
* Writing is my therapy. The best part? It doesn’t cost a thing but time.
* I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. It’s as much a part of me as the blood running through my veins.
* Writing can be like threading a needle. It’s sometimes tough to get the thread through the hole, but once you do, you’re off sewing.
* I love Edit. He gives me tons of second chances to make things just right between us.
* Why is it that I always think a revision is going to take less time than it actually does. I should know better by now.
* I’m not finished yet. I don’t know if I’ll ever be finished writing this book. I’m beginning to think it hates me.
* Weekends are made for writing.
* Write the night away.
* I write the book that I can’t stop thinking about. The one that won’t leave me alone. I don’t write what I think the market wants.
* I opened the newspaper and found two book ideas. Real life is stranger than fiction. Seriously.
* Me to character: If you think for one minute I’m going to let you speak to me that way, you’re right!
* Why is it easier to write a 65,000-word novel than a 650-word query?
* I’ve been beat up by Rejection so many times I’m immune to his form-letter ways.
* Some days I delete more than I write. How NOT to get ahead.
* It’s tough getting up in the morning — except on writing days.
* I sometimes get my best ideas when I’m exercising and about to die. It’s like God’s saying: Hang in there because you have to write this.
* I’m at a total loss for words. That’s so unlike me.
* A Thesaurus is not a dinosaur. Well, maybe the physical book is.
* Sometimes the words just won’t come. Wait. They’ll find their way and, like a spring flower, poke through the ground when they’re ready.
* Grammar, you’re the pickiest noun I know.
* My characters are keeping me awake. So tired. Must sleep. Nite:)
* I know how my book will start and how it will end. Just have to figure out the middle.
* First drafts are like first dates. The more you hang out the better it gets. Unless it totally sucks. Then you chuck it and start over.
* Querying is like bearing your heart and hoping it doesn’t get broken.
* You do have the writing chops to serve up a tantalizing book.
* Think it. See it. Feel it. Write it.
* It’s a great day to write a best-seller.
* Am I a freak that I find so much joy in finding the perfect word? Nevermind. I don’t want to know. It would spoil my high.
* You know you’re an editor when you mentally revise what someone says.
* You know you’re a writer when you mentally file away the mannerisms and quirks and physical details of everyone you meet.
* Writing is like eating delicious ice cream and discovering the treasures hidden inside — chocolate bits, nuts, cameral and more.
* Look. I’m a writer. It’s who I am, who I’ll ever be. So if you’re looking for someone who makes lots of money, goodbye.
* Every time I hear “Yo, Dawg” or “Sup, Dawg” I look around to see where the dog is. There’s never any dog. (Vocab a writer should know.)
* Did you ever have a dream that scared the crap out of you? I was glad to wake up and find it wasn’t true. Book material? Maybe.
* I seem to be doing more deleting than writing. At this rate I’ll be in the hole.
* You know you’re a writer when you look at someone and mentally think how you would describe them.
* I had planned to write a 1,000 words; I didn’t even write one. Writing fail.
* It’s easier to talk about writing than it is to actually do it.
* Yep. Word nerd. That’s me. Wonder if there’s a way to turn that into some kind of super hero?
* Of all the professions I could have chosen, I picked writer. What was i thinkin’.? I mean, it’s not like I can pay bills with nice notes.
* You know you’re in trouble when your own writing puts you to sleep.
* The power of the delete key.
* Re: Queries. Amazing how you can ask so many people the same question and get the same answer: No.
* Our books are our babes. Give them love.
* Said: I’m not intrusive. In fact, most people don’t even notice me.
* An agent believes in me and my work. YAY! (Totally doing happy dance)
* Person A: What’s The Great Wait? Person B: It’s the road to becoming a published writer.
* Ever notice how the sun and warmth make people feel like a million bucks? Wish my writing was just as transformational.
* Don’t worry. Just write.
* Write while you wait.
* My advice: Write the best book possible.
* Book hits can come out of nowhere.
* I’ve always had a thing for Dictionary.
* I don’t do math.
* Wish I would have paid more attention during grammar class. I was too busy writing — NOTES.
* Story ideas are like stars. There are millions of them. Lasso the brightest one and make it brilliant.
* Writers read. From the backs of cereal boxes to best-sellers.
* Finish the manuscript. Period. The End.
* Exclamation point to Period: You’ve made your mark. You’re in every sentence. Period: True. But you’re special because you’re not
* TGIF! An entire weekend to write
* There’s learning in revising. Love it!
* Starting a new book is so exciting. You never know the twists and turns it will take until you write “The End.”
* Write. Just write. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let go. try new things. See what happens. That’s what writing is all about.
* Sometimes the best writing comes when you aren’t trying. Wonder if I could trick myself into not trying? Probably not.
* Sorry Cliche. You’re boring. I’m looking for someone new.
* Some advice: Write first. Worry about getting an agent or publisher later.
* Writers must care about their characters if they expect readers to care.
* Remember writers, always tell a story.
* If I’m going to spend hours with characters, they’d better be interesting. Make yours interesting.
* 274. The grocery store is a great place to people watch. Collect character traits, mannerisms, quirks…Note: Check produce section
* A killer story idea isn’t enough. You have to be able to turn that killer idea into a killer book. And that’s a killer to do.
* I looked at my store receipt and it was yogurt, yogurt, yogurt (X 17). Wouldn’t it be great to write a book that loved?
* Oh I’m writing all right. Job descriptions for my staff. Does that count?
* I don’t usually do dark and twisty. I’m usually all sunshine and rainbows. What’s happened to me? Don’t answer
* Trying to describe a snort laugh. How do you even write that?
* There’s nothing better than inspiration that comes when you aren’t expecting it. What a gift it is.
* I told Hubs my story idea. He just looked at me like I was someone he had never seen before. Wonder what that means?
* Where’s a word nerd when you need one? Hey, that might be a job for me. Word nerd for hire.
* Sorry to tell you, but every writer gets rejected. You will be no different. If you can’t handle rejection, might want to rethink this.
* I never realized how important my ears are to my writing. I read aloud. It’s how I know if the rhythms of the sentences are just right.
* Sometimes you just have to dump the beginning and start again.
* I always name my work. It becomes more real to me. A living, growing, changing thing that I care for deeply.
* If something’s not working, let it go. Don’t try to force it. All of the pieces should fit easily like a puzzle.
* The writing life is a difficult one, but oh so rewarding.
* Sorry Cliche. You can’t join our group. We’re looking for originality.
* Write every day. Period. Even if it’s a note to your child’s teacher. But make it the best dang note you can!
* Writing should be fun. I always have a blast. Not that it’s always easy. Heck, sometimes it’s dang difficult. But, that’s the writing life.
* Write what you need to write, what keeps you awake at night and interrupts the quiet moments of your day.
* Would you buy your book if you had not written it? If not, what makes you think anyone else will?
* There’s nothing more exciting than beginning a new piece of writing. Let the adventure begin!
* To write or not to write, is NEVER a question. Always write.
* Don’t waste time trying to figure out the market. Just write the book you must write and do the best damn job you can.
* Quick quiz! What’s the 8 parts of speech? Verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.
* Humor, I miss you. Come back into my novel when you feel a need to lighten the mood.
* OK. I didn’t mean it. I love you. But sometimes, Grammar, you drive me crazy with all of your rules. Sorry, I’m breakin’ some.
* The end. Now the hard part begins — Revision.
* Cause you were born to be a writer…
* Hey Subplot. You’re kind of fizzling. Step up your game or you’re out.
* I’m in the mood — to write.
* Revision is full of second chances. Take them and get things just right.
* Person A: I need to complete my arc. Person B: Well, you know it took Noah awhile. Person A: (walks away shaking head)
* People read fiction to be entertained, not educated.
* The best writers aren’t afraid to take a knife to their work. Sharpen your blade and make yours bleed needless words and phrases.
* Be daring when you write.
* Readers are your friends. Welcome them. Entertain them. Make them want to visit again.
* Writers remember. Today’s kids are more connected than ever.
* (Picks up daisy and plucks petals) Agent loves me, loves me not.
* Will write for Rolos or Blowpops.
* Love being able to kiss and tell when I write.
* First person and third are fighting over whose point of view is right. Ugh! These two can never get along.
* Your writing shouldn’t sound like writing. It should sound like music.
* A PJ day is a writing day. Have any scheduled?
* Putting your work out there is scary, but there are scarier things — like spiders and snakes.
* Writers, avoid boredom. If you’re bored the reader will be.
* I love how you can write a sentence and make it sound a dozen different ways.
* I love the chase. Chasing words, chasing sentences, chasing paragraphs and pages. Most of all, chasing the book before it gets away.
* Writer: I called for you and you didn’t answer. Voice: I have a sore throat. Maybe try a new voice today.
* Caught red-handed for exclamation abuse.
* Rewrite: I shake things up. Cause chaos and change. But Book is better when I’m done. Book: You think a lot of yourself, no?
* Sometimes I feel like a 12-year-old stuck in a 40-something body. What’s wrong with me? Oh, I’m a writer.
* Dear John: I’m writing. Please don’t bother me. You asked when I’ll be done. The answer is never.
* Hey, I gotta tell you what a jerk you are. Total jerk. Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! OK. Now I feel better. Why do some characters piss me off?
* Trimming your book is like trying to lose weight. It’s so hard. It was much easier putting the pounds, er, words on than taking them off.
* I have a date with Revision. So excited! Can’t wait to see where it takes me.
* An outline is like a dress pattern. Sometimes you have to alter it so that it fits perfectly.
* WIP: I can’t wait for a status change. Author: Me, too:)
* I’m going to bed and I hope that when I wake up, I will have solved the plot problem in my book. Bring on the sweet dreams.
* No sweet dreams. Had a nightmare about not being able to finish the book instead. Ugh!
* The world would be boring without writers.
* This WIP is high maintenance. Always wants my attention. So needy. I do have a full-time day job, ya know.
* Writers are superheroes. They take you places. Make you laugh and cry and stay up late reading. Their weapons are their words. That’s power.
* Just discovered a plot point was dull. No dull points allowed. Out, damned point! Out, I say.
* I never became a great violinist. But then, I hated practicing. I hope I have better luck being a writer. I “practice” all the time!
* You know you’re done editing book when you can’t appreciably improve it. When this happens, start working on something new.
* Is it bad to tell someone you’d rather write than hang out with them? Feeling guilty just thinking this.
* I wish writing was like eating chocolate. I never have any problem eating chocolate and it always tastes great.
* Why is it that story ideas come to me at the most inopportune times? Guess I’ll have to carry a pen when I run and write on my arm.
* Grammar, I wish just once I was right and you were wrong.
* Agents are like American Pickers. Instead of looking for hidden gems in barns and basements, they search in slush piles.
* A page or two a day keeps the writing blues away.
* Heard from the bottom of the slush pile: Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. I’m crushed.
* May the ink always flow and drown you in happiness.
* My brain hurts. Two manuscripts are fighting for my attention. Listen dudes, I’m only human.
* Yo ho, yo ho, a writer’s life for me. (And now I have that song running through my head!)
* Writers spin cocoons out of words that transform into something great.
* I love being able to write conversation that I would never in a million years have in real life.
* Coffee. Check. Chocolate. Check. Muse. Check. I’m ready to write.
* MG. MS. MSS. YA. PB. WIP. ARC. POV. CB. ER. TBR. SF/F NaNoWriMo. LI. NF. HEA. What a strange world I live in.
* I still use a physical dictionary. I just love flipping through it and finding a word.
* I thought so much about this chapter that I actually gave myself a headache. Wonder if I write it if it will go away. Let’s hope.
* Dang WIP. My hands can’t type as fast as you’re whispering in my ear. Chillax and let me get caught up.
* Short and choppy. Long and flowing like a bride’s train. Sentences provide the rhythm that make your work sing.
* True or false? You wrote the best work of your life today.
* Muse, don’t desert me. I need help finishing this literary journey I started months ago.
* It’s never too late to become a best-selling author. Go for it!
* Who but a writer can turn a blank piece of paper into the most powerful weapon in the world? The power of the mighty pen.
* Having a gin and tonic. Is writing while imbibing alcohol a good thing? Seems to loosen Muse a little.
* I never want to tame my wild imagination. It takes me wondrous places full of fascinating things to write about.
* I don’t know how I ever wrote without a computer. I mean, the dang thing is like an appendage.
* WIP can be a PIA. But that’s what makes it challenging and fun (most of the time).
* Keep the faith, and I hope that all of your writing dreams come true.
*I lost Time again. He’s always running out on me. Always passing me before I have a chance to catch up. Gotta find Time before it’s 2 late.

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