Interactive Christmas finder made via Game Cloud

Our awesome graphic artist Samantha Dellinger did this Christmas finder last year. I uploaded it into Game Cloud and made it interactive. I love how this turned out. What do you think? Note: To enlarge the image, hold down Ctrl and + button

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Game Cloud: Interactive Halloween finder

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ViralTools used for this Thanksgiving quiz

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Game Cloud used to make Thanksgiving trivia quiz

I did another quiz, this one for Thanksgiving, using Game Cloud. What do you think of this platform?

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Game Cloud used for Halloween quiz

I have another gaming platform to play with. YAY! It’s Game Cloud and I’m super excited to see what I can do with it. For starters, I built this Halloween trivia quiz.

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ViralTools: Christopher Columbus quiz

Check out this quiz by ViralTools. I just started working with this tool so check back for updates.

How Well Do You Know Christopher Columbus?

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Artist uses JuxtaposeJS to compare photo and art work it inspired

One of my artist friends, Samantha Dellinger, was innovative in her use of JuxtaposeJS. I’ve written before about this free tool that allows you to compare two different views of the same scene. It’s great for before/after, then/now shots.

Sam used the slider tool to show a photo by one of our photographers, Jason Plotkin, and the cartoon it inspired. Check out her artwork of an English bulldog riding a dirt bike and make sure you visit Sam’s blog, Artist’s bloc.


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Touts from Key West

Here are a couple Touts I took while vacationing in Key West.

I couldn’t believe how fast this guy shucked oysters!

Inside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Incredible stained-glass windows.

Duval Street is always full of characters!

Hemingway’s house.

Singing Tom Petty at Capt. Tony’s

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Playbuzz: What Halloween character are you?

I decided to do another Halloween quiz using Playbuzz. Here it is!

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Layar: Great way to make print interactive

I used Layar to embed a podcast into this photo. I love using Layar to make print interactive. I could’ve added more links, slideshows etc. In fact, the one I did of my book flyer contained 24 buttons, including links to purchase the books, reviews, etc.

The neat thing about digitizing print is the interactive reading experience it provides. What fun! This photo appeared on the front page of the Sunday sports section. Imagine opening your Sunday paper and seeing a note telling you to scan the image with the Layar app (Free from your app store). Then imagine scanning the photo and a video immediately starts playing (you can set the video to play immediately when the image is scanned or when a button is clicked). And along with the video, there’s a link to the blog, email, etc.

I haven’t see a lot of newspapers in North America using this tool, but I see all kinds of ideas for ways they could, including a possible revenue stream. Imagine selling a spot (advertisement) on the photo that when the photo is scanned, pops up along with the video or podcast etc.

Obviously, enhancing ads with digital layers would be a chance for revenue. Imagine paging through an entertainment magazine, either in an e-edition or the physical paper, and seeing a restaurant’s ad that was embedded with digital layers. You scan it and up pops the menu along with a map for directions, phone number, video, etc.

More and more people have smartphones and the app is free, so I think the biggest hurdle will be educating the public. But I think we could tackle that through videos, paper ads, online ads. etc. I think the time is right to try this and I’d love to give it a shot.

Have you used Layar? What ideas do you have for using this tool?

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