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My first tweet was at 5:33 p.m. April 16, 2009. It consisted of three word: Editing a story.

Now you can find anyone’s first Tweet just by entering their @username on this site.



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Blast from the past: Dover square

I have two more postcards I’d like to share with you. They came from my aunt, Madelyn Shermeyer, who bought them for 10 cents a piece at W. H. Crone in 1952.


The first photo is of Main Street in Dover looking north. She writes:

“I’m not sure what year this photo was taken and not sure if the trolley is traveling north or south. History records that the trolley would travel just north of Dover Borough, approximately where Jim and Nena’s Pizza shop is located. There, it would switch around and return south.

“On the right hand side of the photo is the Melchinger House, recognized as a National Historic Site. JEB Stuart occupied this home when they were in Dover. Next to the Melchinger house, one can see the steps leading up to the Lutheran Church.

On the left hand side of this photo, between the first two homes, one can see a fence — this site is where the Dover Bank was built.


“Three modes of transportation can be seen in this photo of Main Street in Dover looking south: the trolley tracks, a horse and buggy and a very old vehicle. ”

Thanks Aunt Maddie for continuing to share these old postcards that offer an interesting glimpse into the past.

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Google search results, ads look different



 Google has changed the way it displays search results and ads to desktop users.


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Blast from the past: Jordan’s Super-Thrift

I recently wrote about starting the Facebook page: I grew up in Manchester/Mount Wolf and surrounding areas.   The page currently has 1,090 likes and continues to grow. If you get a chance, check it out. We share a variety of memories — from summers spent at Meadowbrook swimming pool to Friday nights hanging out at the Mount Wolf movie theater. Recently, we talked about Jordan’s Super-Thrift, which started in Mount Wolf and later moved to Manchester.

Tony Jordan, grandson of Zip Jordan who owned Jordan’s Super-Thrift, joined in the conversation and shared some wonderful photos.

Tony wrote:

“Well, my dad’s side of the family isn’t much for nostalgia and I didn’t think there was much (if anything) in terms of photos of any of the stores. My Grandpa Zip passed away in 1982 when I was just a year old. Over the years, I believe many things were unfortunately discarded. Thankfully, last year my grandma discovered a binder buried in a random box with photos of the stores. Being the history guy I am, I was very happy to find out these photos survived. I’m more than happy to share them and all of the other photos I’ve accumulated of the Mount Wolf/Manchester areas. We need more people to help keep our history alive- and some of these newer Facebook pages that have popped up recently are a great starting point.”

Thanks Tony. And now, here are the photos Tony shared.

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Blast from the past: Dover Hotel

Postcard of the Hotel Dover, Centre Square, Dover, Pa.  Submitted

This photo of the Hotel Dover was purchased by Madelyn (Myers) Shermeyer in 1952 from W.H. Crone.

My aunt, Madelyn Shermeyer, shared this postcard with me. She writes:

“This is one of five postcards I purchased 62 years ago at 13 years of age. I paid 50 cents for five postcards. That was my salary for one hour’s work. Even at that young age I felt if I ever had children this is something that could be passed down to them.

“The Hotel Dover was a busy place, being on a direct line of travel from York to Carlisle. This hotel was kept from 1809 to 1859 by the George Daron family. For the next 30 years, it was in the Wiest name. After Weist, it was kept by Harry Brunhouse into the 20th century. This hotel was here during the Civil War when Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart arrived in Dover.

It was reported there was a major fire and the Hotel Dover burned to the ground but had nothing to do with Stuart being in Dover — the fire was later.

This history of the Hotel Dover is in “The History of Dover Township” and “The Sands of Time” published by Dover Borough for their 200th Anniversary.”


Thanks, Aunt Maddie, for sharing. I love when we’re able to share old media in a new way.

If you have historic photos that you’d like to share, we’d love to see them. You can upload them to our gallery. 


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Using Thinglink to create interactive content, including photos and infographics

I’m always exploring ways to make content interactive. I love ThingLink because it allows me to augment images. As journalists, this is a great tool to add  a layer of depth to online reporting and story telling.

It’s super easy to use, too. Just upload an image and point and click to add media. You can share a number of ways. These include:

  • Embed code
  • Share url
  • Email
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

I’ve seen journalists use this tool with photographs and infographics (a great way to explain what the information in all of those boxes and circles mean). I’m using it as an interactive way to promote my books. Here’s the one I did. Notice that I’ve linked to the point of purchase for each book and the reviews.   I’ve also linked to my Amazon author page, my author Facebook page, my Twitter account and author website.


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Snowman bird feeder draws colorful cardinals

I love snowmen so I loved this bird feeder when I ran across it in our YDR online photo gallery.  I couldn’t resist posting it to our YDR Facebook page and asking our readers if they had bird feeders. Here’s what they had to say.


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Taxes: YDR readers share plans for refunds

It’s that time of year when people anxiously wait for their tax refund check. Some of you have already received (and spent) yours. When the kids were younger, I’d always keep some money out to buy them spring/summer clothes. I wondered what plans people had for theirs, so I asked on our YDR Facebook page.

Here’s some of the more than 30 comments I received:

Joe Maldonado New Furniture at Wolfe’s.

Susan K Wynegar got it…going to casino on bus trip next week  lol

Guy Achtzehn whats a return?

Misty Lynch Not yet, we are moving to SC with ours though. Super excited and can not wait.

Doris Gruner Deardorff Pay my parents back for loaning me the money to file for my divorce.

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Medical marijuana: Readers weigh in on use of Charlotte’s Web to control children’s epileptic seizures

If you haven’t read Mark Walter’s story about parents of epileptic children who want to be able to give them Charlotte’s Web, a type of marijuana that might help reduce seizures, I suggest you check it out.

Mark writes:

“Charlotte’s Web contains high levels of cannabidiol oil, CBD, one of many marijuana compounds, but low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gets users high when smoked.”

“Medical marijuana advocates insist the debate is not about getting high. They do not want their kids to smoke the plant. The oil can be taken orally, much like cough syrup, or mixed into food.”

“But that option is off the table in Pennsylvania until medical marijuana is legalized by the state’s General Assembly. There is a legislative effort under way to legalize the drug, but how far it will get remains to be seen.”

I wanted to know what our readers thought about the issue. So I posted this question on Facebook:

“If you had a child with epilepsy and prescription drugs were not working. would you want the choice to try medical marijuana to see if it reduced the seizures?”

Wow, did they respond. As of this writing, the post had more than 125 comments and nearly 20 shares.

Here’s what some of our readers said:

Ann Marie Gwiazdowski Sommer In a heartbeat!

Calyn Mae I am that child.. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 1yr old. I was prescribed different medications n though they reduced my amount of seizures I was still having too many to have a normal life. the drs had tried several different types of prescriptions n nothing truly helped me. I would never be able to drive, work, hold a child, be a normal person. then when I was 17 I had experimented with some friends but realized, I stopped having seizures. almost instantly the marijuana had balanced the chemicals in my brain that had caused me so much strife n danger for so long. I will be 25 this year n since then I have only had 2 seizures (as opposed to the 10-15 per day I would have while on lamictol). I have ceased smoking due to the fact that I now have a little girl whom I nurse. it worries me cuz I do feel my brain start to feel the way it used to but seeing as that it’s not legal yet I’m not willing to risk losing my princess. I am not a “pot head” or some one just pushing for it to be legal so I dont get arrested. I am a girl who had almost died 4 times as a result from seizures, and after 16 years of failed medications I can honestly say that I can live safely n normally thanks to marijuana.

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What a great Tout!

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