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Plague – The Nework app is addictive

A friend of mine suggested I check out Plague – The Network, a new social networking app. It’s free and available for both iphone and Droid. Plague is a different way of spreading information. There’s no friending or following. Like … Continue reading

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Why you should activate the location services on your smartphone

Buffy Andrews of Buffy’s World explains the importance of activating the location services on your smartphone.

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Key West sunset photos via Instagram on my Droid

There’s nothing like a Key West sunset. It takes your breath away. Here are some photos that I took using Instagram on my Droid. I don’t like using filters so these photos are straight up. I hope you enjoy them. … Continue reading

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Photos I snapped with my smartphone this week: Scout Sunday to homemade quilt to dancin’ billboard

One of the things I love about my Droid is the camera. I’m forever pulling my smartphone out and snapping photos. Sometimes I share them instantly via Twitter and sometimes they end up on Facebook or in a blog post … Continue reading

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LinkedIn app now available on Android

Been waiting for this. LinkedIn’s Android app is now available. With this addition, LinkedIn is now on the major smartphone platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry and Android). The app includes the following modules: Updates, Search, Connections, Invitations, Messages and Reconnect. Read LinkedIn’s … Continue reading

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An app that changes reality

Oh. My. Gawd. Like this app is freakin’ amazing. You’ve got to check out the Layar Reality Browser. I can’t explain it nearly as well as the video below, so make sure you watch it. But I’ll give you an … Continue reading

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R2-D2, C-3PO and my Droid

So, I left for lunch the other day. Grabbed my purse, got in the car, started the car, began to drive when… Oh, no! It was missing. Not my wallet or my eye glasses or my umbrella (It was beginning … Continue reading

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Barcode Scanner App to the rescue

True story. A friend blogged about her husband going into a store to buy bow and arrow sets for their daughters for Christmas. There were only two sets left, one of which had a broken arrow. Her hubs asked the … Continue reading

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Talking Santa app to the rescue

So you’re at a restaurant with the kiddos waiting for a table. They’re fussy and you’re fussy because they’re fussy and you get fussier when you think about the wad of cash you’ll spend on a dinner that no one … Continue reading

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Before Droid, After Droid

Most of the universe divides time between B.C. and A.D. And then there’s me. I divide time between B.D. and A.D. That’s Before Droid and After Droid. Laugh all you want, but consider the following. Before Droid, I thought a … Continue reading

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