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Playbuzz: A spooktacular Halloween quiz

Check out the Halloween quiz I built using Playbuzz. Possible revenue streams include area attractions for sponsorship or various ad positions. Take the quiz and let me know how you scored!

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PlayBuzz: York Fair history quiz

I used PlayBuzz to build this York Fair history quiz.

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Rovio Entertainment: Angry Birds meet Bad Piggies in new game

Rovio Entertainment, creators of Angry Birds, will launch its newest game, Bad Piggies, on Sept. 27

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Did you get the ‘Angry Birds Rio’ update?

Angry Birds post from its Facebook page: Did you grab the latest Angry Birds Rio update over the weekend? 15 new Carnival levels including another boss fight … Do you play “Angry Birds” or do you think it’s for the … Continue reading

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Life-sized version of ‘Angry Birds’ built in Terrassa, Spain

Rovio created a life-sized version of its “Angry Birds” game at Pla├ža Nova de Terrassa in Spain. Watch as a band plays the game’s theme song. In other “Angry Birds” news: Rio Beach Volley “Angry Birds” Easter present “Angry Birds” … Continue reading

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‘Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley’ update is out.

The Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley update is now out in the iTunes App Store and the Amazon Appstore for Android. 30 new action-packed levels, and plenty of new hidden bonuses and achievements! Get it here. In other “Angry Birds” … Continue reading

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FarmVille, meet your neighbor, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Zynga are teaming up to open GagaVille, an offshoot of the popular Facebook game FarmVille. GagaVille will open to the public May 17 as a neighboring farm to FarmVille, according to Mashable, and be styled in that … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? coming to Facebook

Here’s a blast from the past. (And now I can’t get the song out of my head!) Now you can hunt for the slippery Carmen and her henchman on Facebook. Move over CityVille and FarmVille and the more recent Oregon … Continue reading

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Watch ‘Rio’ Super Bowl ad featuring ‘Angry Birds’ and secret code

Did you miss the “Rio” Super Bowl commercial featuring “Angry Birds” and a secret code? Check it out here. It’s about 26 seconds into the ad. (If you don’t want to watch, I’ll give you the code below.) BTW, 20th … Continue reading

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Fun on Foursquare

Sweet. The other day when I checked into Weis via my mobile Foursquare app, I discovered that the mayor (via Foursquare) gets free coffee 24/7 and half-priced subs on Fridays. Guess who’s the mayor? That’s right. Me. (Smiles) This has … Continue reading

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